Assignment First


由于汉语中某些音素在发音上有明显的区别和发音,所以汉语的发音有很大的困难。有意义的语境被置于重大困难之中。对汉语学习者来说,掌握英语词汇是非常重要的,因为他们对音素有更好的理解。通过明确地向汉语教学发音、意义和词汇,教师可以成功地教授语音技能和意识(Hewings, 2007)。

必须提供培训,以便对母语中类似的音素进行分类,这些音素最终与英语的音素发生冲突。这些差异和相似之处已在本报告的第一部分中得到确认。作为一种教学策略,必须通过理解学生母语的语言属性,使汉语教师具备英语语音意识。这些包括母语中现有的和不存在的音素。在本报告的背景下,重点是元音的音位元素(O ‘Seaghdha et al., 2010)。



Major difficulties are faced by Chinese ELLs due to lack of certain phonemes in their native language in distinguishing and pronouncing significantly. Meaningful context is placed with major difficulty. It is extremely crucial for providing knowledge to Chinese ELLs about the vocabulary of English in which there is a better understanding of phonemes. Teachers can be successful in teaching phonemic skills and awareness by explicitly teaching pronunciations, meanings and vocabulary words to Chinese ELLs (Hewings, 2007).

Training has to be provided for categorizing phonemes similarly present in their native language which ends up conflicting with the phonemes of English. These differences and similarities have been identified in the first part of this report. As a teaching strategy, there must be enabling of phonemic awareness for Chinese ELLs in English by understanding the linguistic attributes of the native language of students. These include the existing and non- existing phonemes in the native language. In context with this report, the specific focus is on the phonemic element of vowels (O’Seaghdha et al., 2010).

Communicative language teaching can be considered as the most effective approach to teach English language. This is an effective approach to teach foreign language to lay emphasis upon interaction as the final objective and source of language learning. All across this approach, learning and instructional goals specifically focus on communication. There must be use of this approach for providing authentic materials of language to the students. There should be meaningful exchange of language by students beyond the level of sentence and word