Assignment First



1.1.1。 Dotti:Dotti是20世纪80年代诞生的服装零售创新。它在网上和零售实体商店销售衣服。强力打扮,个性风格,高端时尚与国际潮流相结合是Dotti打扮的独特元素。 Dotti服装品牌拥有强大的服装零售业务。


1.1.3。 Woolworths超市:在线销售新鲜食品的Woolworths超市(Woolworths,2013),在商店中是第三个选择的商品。 Woolworths超市是总部位于新南威尔士州Bella Vista的Woolworths有限公司的一部分。公司不仅专营超市,还专营汽油,白酒和百货等行业。




企业所面临的一些问题,比如他们面临的竞争威胁。 Dotti以其他服装零售商的形式进行竞争;竹屋面临着其他中餐馆和高级餐饮场所的威胁。 Woolworths的目标定位要好得多,但是由于企业的社会责任问题,品牌价值受到了质疑。面对这些外部威胁,内部环境必须得到加强,内部环境的有效性成为讨论的主要议题。


1.1. Background of Companies

1.1.1. Dotti: Dotti is a clothing retail innovation that was born in the 1980’s. It sells clothes both online and in retail physical store outlets. Power dressing, individual styles, high-street fashion mixed with international trends are the unique elements of Dotti dressing. Dotti clothing brands have a strong clothing retail presence.

1.1.2. Bamboo House: Bamboo House is a fine dining Chinese restaurant. The business was launched in 1984 and its mission is to ensure that people dining for either business or pleasure both have the best memorable experience in food and ambience (Bamboo House, 2012).

1.1.3. Woolworths Supermarket: Woolworths supermarket that sells fresh food online (Woolworths, 2013) and in the store is the third business selected. The Woolworths supermarket is part of Woolworths Limited which is headquartered in Bella Vista, New South Wales. The company specializes not only in supermarkets but also petrol, liquor and general merchandise industries.

1.2. Purpose of Question

The research purpose is to compare three organizations based on the nine dimensions of formalization, specialization, hierarchy, technology, external environment, and culture, goals, size and organizational mindset. The research will indicate where the organization falls with respect to each of the dimensions and will make recommendations based on how organizational effectiveness gets affected by them.

1.3. Issues Identification

There are some issues that the companies share such as the competition threat that exists for them.  Dotti has competition in the form of other clothing retailers; Bamboo house faces threats from other Chinese restaurants and fine dining establishments. Woolworths has a much better target positioning, however brand value has been brought into question because of corporate social responsibility issues. To face these external threats, the internal environment has to be geared up, but how efficient the internal environment is becomes the main subject issue for discussion.