Assignment First

本篇assignment代写-顾客满意度讲了为了找出顾客满意度不足的缺口,我们将主要在Woolworths的背景下,寻找关于顾客满意度重要因素的各种文献。研究将确定在这种情况下可能影响公司销售和利润,甚至客户满意度的不同因素。使用的大部分文献将是期刊、书籍和会议记录。收集到的文献将支持确定伍尔沃斯公司可能采取的必要行动,以阻止其衰落,并重新夺回其优势地位。本篇assignment代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

List of information sought

In order to identify the gaps in customer satisfaction deficiency, varied literature about important elements of customer satisfaction will be sought, primarily in the context of Woolworths. The research will be to identify different factors in such conditions that may have a role in impacting company sales and profits, even customer satisfaction. The majority of literature used will be journals, books, and conference proceedings. The literature gathered will support in identifying the necessary actions that is possible for Woolworths to arrest the decline and make a comeback to regain its superior position.

Literature search and review

There has been excellent literature about the strategic goal of customer satisfaction and it underlines several theories which are of abundant use for Woolworths in different situations and perspectives (Mitchell, 2016). The validity of the literature is assumed in the credentials of the type of content secured for the review, namely peer reviewed journals published after rigorous assessment, published books that are authority in sense of general offering of fundamental knowledge about customer satisfaction and various other characteristics of sustaining a retail business.

Mujtaba Abubakar, Sanuri Mohd Mokhtar and Olayemi Abdullattef (2013) argue that the elements of trust, bonding, and customer relationship with the company have not particular relation with the service delivery and profit earning. This indicates that though the company has trustworthy customers and has a deep bonding with them. It may not be a guarantee for long term relationship and continued exposure to the brand. Woolworths may have to investigate this since its customer loyalty may not be the prime reason behind its declining sales. In contrast, Balvers, Gaski and McDonald (2015) asserts that companies who are transparent in their financial disclosure are more likely to have long term loyal customer, which in case of Woolworths is not surprising because it has been transparent in its financial disclosure although it is reporting losses. The reason could be something different other than customers.