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本篇assignment代写-居民消费需求讲了从2010年起,居民消费需求平均下降4%。该公司已经注意到消费者惠顾的减少。公司希望增长2%。这家公司在过去的二三十年里得以成长。已经观察到冗余。在这个范例中,如果公司想要增加消费者的需求,他们需要有供给来满足消费者的需求。在当前时代,对这些服务的需求有所减少。本篇assignment代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

From 2010, there has been reduced demand of the consumers by 4% on an average. There is a loss of consumer patronage that has been observed by the company. The company wants to increase by 2%. The company was able to grow in past 20 or 30 years. There is redundancy that has been observed. In this paradigm, if the company wants to increase the consumer demand they need to have the supply to meet the demand of the consumer. in the current times, there is reduced demand that is observed for the services.

B) Cause(s)

The reason is the rise in consumer prices. By 2015, it has been eluded that the company is losing consumer patronage owing to the reduced demand of the consumers. The company needs to find ways to increase the consumer usage of the services. There must be better optimization of the costs to find ways to make it advantageous for the consumers.

There is high level of centralized action that is observed. These centralized operations are causing the company to look at other solutions.

Added to this the companies are looking to incorporate newer disruptive technologies. They need to ensure that there is cohesive action. There is also the increase in the use of energy efficient services. Smarter appliances are found to be taking control over the action of the consumers. This has invariably reduced the elastic demand of the products.

There is the development of the alternatives that are discussed in the following.