Assignment First

本篇assignment代写-媒体的广告宣传讲了媒体已经成为人类生活中不可分割的一部分,影响着人类所做的每一个决定。其影响表现在感觉动机、感觉知觉、令人信服地以一种新的思维方式和行为方式以及令人信服的世界观方式。媒体真的能吸引人的情感部分。它使人信服,有时运用情感强制,使人相信他们的主导思维方式。本篇assignment代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Media has become an inseparable part of human life, influencing each and every decision that humans make. The influence is in the form of sense motivation, sense perception, convincing to a new mode of thinking and acting and convincing about their way of the worldview. Media really appeals to the emotional part of a human. It convinces, sometimes using emotional enforcement, to make believe their dominant mode of thinking. For example, some media uses a completely non-relevant part to promote something that is not at all connected to the irrelevant content used to promote the relevant one, just as the Carl Jr. and Hardee’s sexual content video featuring Kate Upton to promote a burger. This is an example of some desperate attempt to promote a product, of sexual content was the aim then showing her naked would have been more appropriate for their objective.

Media is used to promote content which matters, which is the need of the hour, promoting which it can really make a change in the mind sets of people who watch it. The content shown by the European Commission ideally promotes the elimination of glass ceiling faced by women to enable gender equality to flourish. This kind of media is more to do with fulfilment of societal motives as a whole, because it is towards the betterment of society, not otherwise. These kinds of media are more convincing, debate opening, thought provoking and encourage a slight movement towards a better mind set of the issue promoted.


Through this research, it is meant to find out the following things:

What makes Carl Jr. and Hardee’s to adapt such a vulgar ad campaign to promote its burgers, is something that is the primary aim. It is misleading viewers by promoting sexually provoking content as if it is the last resort of promoting something that is “in itself” unhealthy. In such campaigns lie the intent of the company and the content makers, whereas the same opportunity is used wisely by the European Commission. It may help develop some questions here.

1. The means of meeting a legitimate end must be ethical, in the sense that it promotes something of value to society, but has not Carl Jr. and Hardee’s diluted their responsibility as a socially responsible corporate company?

2. If the European Commission can use such an intelligent content to promote something that is of greater value than selling burgers, why not Carl Jr. and Hardee’s?

3. Why “using media campaign responsibly” is a social obligation on part of the makers and the company?