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呼叫中心的员工将不得不处理大量的电话,他们必须与许多愤怒的客户一起工作。他们有时必须处理多个工作站和工作负载。在这个案例研究中,由于存在大量的人员流失,这意味着员工除了自己的工作之外,还必须处理辞职员工的工作。事实上,从健康和安全的角度来看,人们注意到,呼叫中心的特点实际上不同于一个正常的办公室,原因是产生的压力不同。呼叫中心做的是所谓的“hot desking”,他们的任务变化很小,无法自主工作。它们几乎没有管理交互,甚至它们的性能评级也将依赖于一个自动系统。这就创造了一个潜在的高压力环境。职业健康安全管理系统将有助于:







The OHS regulations and the WHS model are the current applied framework for workplace safety and health management. As of 2012, it is necessary for workplace to ensure complete compliance to these legislations and regulations in addition to adherence to the best practices prescribed for every industry. In this context, this essay is being written to present the issues that were encountered in the convergence of two companies and how workplace policy and safety have to be updated for the workplace.
A call centre is a business unit that would be connected with other units such as that of banking and finance or insurance as in this case study. The very nature and the characteristics of a call centre are generally that of which will require a OH&S management system to be implemented.
Employees within the call centre will have to cater to large columns of calls where they have to work with many irate customers. They have to handle multiple workstations and workloads at times. In this case study since there is a large attrition going on, it means that employees will also have to handle the work of the employees who quit in addition to that of their own. In fact, from the health and safety point of view it is noticed that the call centre is actually characterized as being different from a normal office for the very reasons that the stress generated is different. A call centre does what is called as hot desking, they have very little task variation in what they do and cannot work autonomously. They have little management interaction and even their performance rating will be dependent on an automatic system. This creates a potential high stress environment. The OH&S Management system would be useful for:
assessing risks and implementing appropriate avoidance and mitigation measures
for ensuring that individual level risks are reduced in order to protect the employees
for decreasing the injuries related to hot desking where the employee sitting in the same posture for a very long time can cause musculoskeletal injuries.
A system for decreasing occupational stress
Problems associated with working different shifts, esepcailly security issues as in the case of a graveyard shift-the midnight shift and more.