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另一方面,事实是大约2亿美国人不知道他们被无线公司以及美国政府跟踪。人们的移动可以通过手机发出的信号来跟踪。大多数情况下,监控会变得很危险,因为罪犯利用它来跟踪一个人的位置,并犯下抢劫、谋杀或其他罪行。因此,通过GPS跟踪监测与智能手机有很多优点和缺点。GPS系统会追踪你的位置,即使你不使用电话,当这些信息暴露在一个不值得信任的来源,会让形势危急,需要跟踪下一个级别(Jurgenson, 2011)。隐私可以通过这样的感知、跟踪和跟踪更容易被破坏。大多数关于一个人的信息都可以通过GPS跟踪找到,比如他是否与警方有联系,是否在从事秘密或不可信的活动,或者他是否经常去健身房,是否在门诊接受治疗等等。通过GPS跟踪很容易破坏任何人的隐私,这种隐私的缺乏在某些时候是令人震惊的。在智能手机的帮助下,监视变得非常容易。




On the other hand, the fact is about 200 million U.S. population did not aware of the fact that they are being tracked by the wireless companies as well as through the United States Government. People movement can be tracked by the signals emitted from their handsets. The surveillance can become dangerous most of the time because criminals use it to track a person’s location and commit the crime like robbery, murder or other. Hence, surveillance through the GPS tracking with the smart phone has many pros and cons. The GPS system would keep track of your locations even when you are not using the phone and when such information exposed to an untrustworthy source, would make situation critical and would take stalking to next level (Jurgenson, 2011). The privacy can be compromised through such sensing, tracking and stalking with more ease. Most of the information about a person can be found through GPS tracking like whether a person associated with police group or doing any secrete or untrustworthy activity, or information like whether he is regular at the gym, an outpatient taking medical treatment and so on. It is very easy to spoil anyone’s privacy through GPS tracking and such lack of privacy can be shocking at certain times. Surveillance has become very easy with the help of smart phones.
In the comparison of the facts many people say that if anybody doesn’t want that they should be tracked then the easiest way is to left the home at home or switch it off. But as we know today is a technological world and mobiles play a crucial role in the lives of the people, nobody can make their day without mobile phones as they are contributing well in their lives, especially during the time of emergency. The other things which also discussed that do not install the apps that will allow you to track the mobile but that is one way to stop the tracking of the location. But this is not the effective way of getting rid of being tracked.
However it can be a good thing while tracking of any criminal who is roaming around the city. It is very hard to find the balance between the privacy and security. The GPS tracking of the mobiles is very close to the concept that has been shared by Foucault essay in which the town is micro controlled in which people have no privacy. The awareness of the type of privacy which the people need in their lives can help in removing that problem from their lives. As it is the essential part of today’s world, the tracking through the GPS system help in many ways and also help in providing security to the people while tracking any bad situation around the city. But this argument is very much similar to the concept of Foucault essay, hence it agreed upon his concept of essay.