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本篇波士顿论文代写-Chicken Treat Franchising的经营讲了该公司成立于1976年,是“澳大利亚快速服务餐饮业计划”的官方签署人,该计划旨在为儿童提供负责任的广告和营销服务。在快餐行业,该公司以创新的中东风味菜肴而闻名,这些菜肴给了该公司标志性的价值。该公司向特许经营权所有者提供的最大机遇,是多年的经验和“积极的增长计划”,这些对于扩大公司的市场影响力至关重要。本篇波士顿论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Chicken Treat Franchising

Founded in 1976, the company is an official signatory of the “Australian Quick Service Restaurant Industry Initiative for Responsible Advertising and Marketing to Children.” Catering in the Fast Food Industry, the company is known for its innovative middle-eastern inspired dishes that have been instrumental in giving the company an iconic value. The biggest opportunity for the company to provide its franchise owners is the years of experience and the “aggressive growth plans” that have been crucial in expanding the company market reach. Company claims that the franchising opportunities to be exceptional for the latest trends among the consumers which have indicated the motivation to look for particular global flavors in the locality. Moreover, the company is backed by the Quick Service Restaurant Holdings, which substantially increases the buying capacity of the company and the kind of advertising that would be supported for the new franchise owner (chickentreat, 2016).

The company’s credibility can be seen in the backing and support system that has developed in order to guide the new business owner. For any franchise group, it is crucial to be supported by a franchise advisory council that can act as a form of mutual trust between the franchisor and the franchisee at the same time. In addition, providing marketing and advertising support should be one of the defining roles that franchise advisory council should facilitate. Such guiding standards help the new franchise owner to project business development goals and future initiatives that could be taken in alignment with the overall business strategy of the company (Hoy & Stanworth, 2014). The partnership with the Quick Service Restaurant Holdings might add value to all the franchise support systems that are being provided by Chicken Treat to its potential franchisee owners.


In terms of resourcing, since the company mainly deals in chicken products, franchising under the particular brand name could be fruitful. The current demand for chicken meat has been noted as being the largest in the country, so that the meat is considered to be the staple source of protein for the Australian consumers. In keeping with the rising demand for chicken products, the production has also increased manifold. The report on chicken resourcing has traced the growth of the demand to the popularity of the meat and the versatility of the produce that has driven adaptability of the consumers to the particular palate. Furthermore, it has also been noted that chicken production is particularly less vulnerable to the various geographical and biological impacts on the climate changes, the finding corroborating the sustenance of the franchise partnership with Chicken Treat.

The resourcing of the chicken produce also can be seen in the light of the ways in which chicken is transported and processed, particularly for the quick service restaurants like Chicken Treat. The chicken processing and production industry observe the various ways in which breeding and waste management can affect the overall condition and increase productivity. The quality of the meat produced and processed is governed by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, which adds credibility to the standard of chicken that is served by such quick service restaurants. The code oversees the particular adherence to contamination and food safety requirements that ensure and guarantee the best quality for the consumers (ACMF, 2011).