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本篇波士顿论文代写-会计准则讲了会计准则是用来理解和理解需要识别和显示的经济事件。在上市公司的案例中,一些外部实体单位,即银行、投资者和监管机构,被发现依赖这些会计准则,以确保所有利益相关者都拥有准确的相关信息。这些会计准则反映了实体财务的各个方面,即资产、负债、支出和权益(Deegan & man, 2013)。本篇波士顿论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Accounting standards are used to comprehend and understand the economic events that need to be recognized and displayed. In the cases of public companies a number of external entities units that are banks, investors and regulatory agencies that are found to depend on these accounting standards to make sure that all the stakeholders have the relevant information that is accurate. These accounting standards reflect the aspects of the entity finances that are assets, liabilities, expenditure and equity (Deegan & Unnerman, 2013). It is developed to address a standardized process to understand the financial cash flow and other intangibles of the situation. The specific examples of the accounting standards could be revenue recognition and analysis of the methods of depreciation. This is considered to be depreciable and has outstanding share measurements. These accounting standards are used to reduce the confusing variations. It enables the people to have disclosure of some of the information that is required. The limitations of these accounting standards are that it becomes rigid and it takes away the flexibility in the accounting principles. Some of the accounting theories cannot overcome the innate limitations of each situation. These are used as tools to comprehend and gain understanding of the different processes.

The purpose of this analysis is to critically analyse certain ideologies that are adhered in the accounting theory. These have been done with analysis of the benefit, limitations. These examples are detailed in this analysis. This is discussed in more detail in this analysis.