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博士论文代写-Reproductive autonomy,本文讨论了生育自主权的存在及其伦理意义。我个人对这一哲学生物伦理学问题的立场是积极的,生育自主权和国家可以被允许,接下来有关生育自主权的博士论文代写-Reproductive autonomy范文为留学生们做以下分析。

The individual demands on reproduction should not go unethical and that the individual has to have sufficient ethical basis with respect to reproductive decisions.
Readily fertile has to necessarily comply all the above rules
Reproductive technologies need to be used in the right moral form with absolutely no strain in the discrimination
The stand of ethics on this sexual subject is analyzed with four major ethical theories namely utilitarianism, non-utilitarian consequentialism, duty ethics, and virtue ethics.
From the utilitarian perspective, everyone gets the chance to decide on the next generation and their well – being remains unaffected. The total happiness level is extremely high due to the autonomy level permitted.
From the non – utilitarian consequentialism perspective, procreative autonomy is highly helpful and is much needed because we can avoid the bad ones. In other words, if the parents are less fertile and parents are completely set to avoid birth, it becomes extremely useful as the child, if born, will experience painful situations due to infertility and poor mindset of parents. Lesser the suffering, higher is the happiness. This is perceived from this theory (Ross, 2002).
From the duty ethics perspective, every parent has a moral duty to discharge in terms of reproduction. He has the prime duty to identify if he wills the best parent to the offspring. From the ethical aspect, actions that indicate harms or produce should be totally affected. Ultimately, the offspring is not abused.
From the virtue ethics perspective, beneficence, justice and goodwill are identified to be appropriate (Savulescu, 2001). As the parents tend to experience procreative liberty in their lifestyle, the goodwill will automatically leave them to take just actions that will eventually benefit them as well as the society.
From utilitarianism perspective, the birth of a child is controlled exclusively for the pleasure of parent which is totally immoral. This type of selfishness might even motivate them to harm other such offsprings in the society.
From the negative consequentialist perspective, the suffering of infertile is high when they decide to withdraw reproduction for their personal pleasure. This increases the physical and mental suffering and there is a chance for the societal intervention into the personal well – being of the decision maker (Ross, 2002).
From the duty ethics perspective, every person is morally liable to take alternate opinion and self analysis before revealing the decisions. Rationality has been missing as the degree of harm is increasing and the duties are not discharged rightly.
From the virtue ethics perspective, procreative autonomy is most often chosen because of lack of courage and wisdom of people. Ultimately, the actions are done by a person end up in wrong things.
It is understandable from the entire paper that the right to procreative autonomy does exist but not conveyed and discharged properly. Since a longer time, evil thoughts have outlined procreative autonomy with unjust activities and this has to be avoided eventually for a better genetic development.

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