Assignment First



现在,在2011-2013年的调查中,只有6%的工人表示社会福利或社会保险是他们在工作场所讨价还价时需要考虑的因素(Lee, 2014)。这表明,中国劳动力非常清楚,企业从零福利向社会保险福利转变需要一段时间,他们清楚转型曲线。然而,第一个合同协议中承诺的工资和其他福利问题现在浮出水面。没有一个合适的雇佣合同被中国劳动力视为主要威胁。在这种程度上,中国劳动力希望找到一种解决方案,为他们提供更好的解决方案、福利和在工作环境中的持久性。

Labour disputes and bargaining for industrial relations in Chinese enterprises occur more frequently. However, these forms of disputes and strikes more often occur in the case of wages only. Getting a better salary as part of their existing benefits package would be the motto behind the disputes, however, in more current times, the emphasis is not only on winning a better salary package, but also on ensuring that the bargaining results in some form of social and economic change in the organization. In this context, this research study focuses on the issue in China of that of the Yu Yuen organization. The Yu Yuen is an athletic footwear organization that is focused on manufacturing and supplying to some big name brand such as that of Nike. The purpose of this study is to analyze the Yu Yuen industrial relations actions that happened in the year 2014 by means of using relevant theory on industrial relations.
Now in the context of the 2011-2013 issues it was seen that only 6 percent of the workers actually stated social benefits or social insurances as a needed element in their workplace bargaining (Lee, 2014). This showed that the Chinese labour force was well aware that it would take some time for the companies to move from providing nil benefits to social insurance benefits, they are aware of the transition curve. However, the issues of wages and other benefits promised with the first contractual agreement comes into the picture now. Not having a proper employment contract was seen by the Chinese labour force as being the major threat. Towards this extent the Chinese labour force wants a solution that provides them with better solutions, benefits and permanency in job situations.



Direct transcripts from worker interviews seems to indicate that at one end the workers were actively involved in picketing in order to help secure better wages and also better benefits and in addition the workers were also against the actions of the trade union federation that they worked with. The trade union federation was seen to be acting more as the representative of the Government rather than representing the people. In the context of bargaining, the role of the union must be such that it presents the grievances of the workers in an adequate manner to the employer and would be able to negotiate for the benefit of the employees. However, in this case it was noted that the union action was a little biased leading to more issues. There were much losses created in the strike situation. At one end the workers were seen to be suppressed at the end point. The employees were also seen to suffer here in the form of paying compliance related prices and more. Billions were paid in the form of compensation. The Government, the legislation, actions and regulations came under scrutiny here. The problem issues here brought to highlight the form of expectations that might exist in workers based on the generation gap. For the younger activist workers, the emphasis was more on the wages being paid out. On the other hand, in the case of the elder workers, the emphasis was on the form of security benefits that would be helpful for them. Yue Yuen workers were hence seen to be fighting for not just better pay conditions, they were in fact fighting for a better future, career wise and personally as they continue with Yue Yuen.