Assignment First

本篇代写被抓-职业会计师讲了职业会计师是全球会计职业的重要组成部分。前一项声明也可适用于国家一级。应向公众介绍专业会计师在其各自领域所扮演的不同角色,使公众更容易了解他们的角色。专业会计团体亦应协助专业会计师在业务上取得成功,并同时发挥其应有的作用;它们也应派代表出席这些机构。当采取了以上所有的步骤,那么就有可能加强和承认专业会计师在社会中的地位。本篇代写被抓文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The professional accountants who are in business are an important part of the accountancy profession globally. The previous statement can also be applied for the national level. Public should be kept informed about the various roles played by the professional accountants in their respective fields so that their roles should be more visible to the public. The professional accounting bodies should also support the professional accountants in business to make them succeed in their respective roles, at the same time; they should also be represented at such bodies. When all the above steps are taken, then it will be possible to strengthen and recognize the position of professional accountants in business in the society.

Acts as Catalyst to follow regulators guidelines in financial reporting

Conceptual Framework is considered to be the religious pious guidelines in the field of accountancy which has the basic concepts, definitions related to accountancy and its practice. FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) has been the backbone of the Conceptual Framework. Its progress has led to increased interest in Conceptual Framework which in turn has led to the IASC as well as ASB assigning their own projects and developing their own editions. In spite of being a time taking and expensive process, the conceptual framework heads towards the right direction in establishing the fundamental knowledge base and diminishing certain loopholes to a great extent.

As for instance, the elements section constitutes of the fundamental concepts such as the definition of a liability or an asset. The corporate report is another such instance, which is used to take care of the needs of other stake holders along with moving away from the conventional way of operations. In 1975, the report stated the importance of additional data to be given in the annual report for forming a complete picture of an organization’s performance. Some other suggested statements are the inclusion of value added statement, a statement of future prospects and the employment report. But, according to Davis (Davis et al. 1982, p313) the topic of accounting is a commodity, as its data is useful to compensate the cost of producing it. Moreover, the addition of future prospects in the report would lead to many unrealistic data, judgments as well as opinions.