Assignment First

本篇代写essay-餐厅网站建设项目讲了首先,制定了项目计划,包括项目方法、开发方法、风险管理技术、质量管理工具和技术,以及时间或进度管理和控制技术。项目计划非常有效,因为它引导项目按时完成,并在预算之内(Meredith & Mantel, 2011)。然后确定项目需求,如菜单、物流信息、社交网络推广链接、订单处理等。在确定了需求之后,开发了网站设计。设计了功能组件的照片和接口。之后,对网站的编程进行相应的编码以满足要求(Phillips, 2013)。后来,网站进行了测试,发现网站能够满足所有的要求。本篇代写essay文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

It excluded interface with websites of other restaurants

It does not allow the customers for using the social network on the website of this restaurant.

It does not include the advertisement and photographs of foods of other restaurants.

First of all, the project plan was chalked out that included the project methodology, development methodology, risk management techniques, quality management tools and techniques, and time or schedule management and control techniques. The project plan was very effective as it led the project completed in time and within the budget (Meredith & Mantel, 2011). Then the project requirements were identified such as menu, logistics information, the promotional link of the social network, order processing, and others. After identification of the requirements, website design was developed. Photographs and interfaces of the functional component were designed as well. After this, the programming for the website was coded accordingly to meet the requirements (Phillips, 2013). Later, the website was tested where it is found that the website was able to meet all the requirements.

First of all, the expectation on the management of scope of this project we set. Then possible changes in the scope of this project were identified and quantified them. After this, documented all the changes in scope were documented, and then the changes in scope were approved by the higher authority. The new products and function were added to the website that was later on included in the project scope. This was put an impact on the sales and profitability of the restaurant. This also influenced the process of a website developed as the process time was expanded. In addition, it impacted on the project plan in term of the requirements, designing, menu and others. Furthermore, the change in interface and theme of the website was included in the scope. Moreover, this impacted on the user experience, website designing, budget, schedule, and others. The learning from the project might be applied in the management of the project scope in future. There is an effective process for the management of the scope. First of all, the requirement of project will be identified will first identify the all the requirement and double check to handle this kind of issues in the future projects.