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本篇代写-住宅饮用水管道讲了市场上不同类型水管的施工安装细节,涉及到不同材质的水管,内部各有特点。专业工程师会仔细选择水管,以便在个别工程中采用。在选择水管材料时,工程师应该仔细研究水管的安装方法和材料的特性(Greyvenstein et al., 2007)。基本上,无论是金属管还是热塑性管,每一种管道材料都有不同的安装方法。本篇代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Construction and Installation Details on Different Types of Water Pipe Concerning on different materials of water pipe were presented on the market, and have their own characteristics inside. The professional engineer would be carefully to select the water pipe for adopting at individual project. When selecting the water pipe material, the engineer should be careful to study on the installation method and the material’s characteristics (Greyvenstein et al., 2007). Basically, neither the metallic nor thermoplastic pipe, there have the different installation method for each piping materials. In Hong Kong, the typical residential building would normally limit the clear headroom in between 2.5 meters to 3 meters inside the building to construct more stores due to the local lands limitation. On the other hand, the designer would also consider to embedding the water pipe into the wall partition to providing the aesthetic in the building (Hallam et al., 2002). Hence, the appropriated material shall be seriously considered by the professional engineer base on the localized limitation. 1.2c Hazard Influence to Human Body for Different Types of Water Pipe By the fundamental, the products of all water pipe should be under studied tested, qualified and theoretically safe for human to adopt to do so. Unfortunately, the 4 chemical reactions would be raise and become harmful and it was depended on the temperature, water quality (such as hydrogen ion concentration (pH) and hardness). Secondly, the jointing material for the pipe and fitting connection such as the soldering materials applying in copper or stainless steel pipe and the solvent cement applying in the thermoplastics pipe work would also be emits hazardous substance into the water to against the human. Other than that, the scaling would found the large amount of iron particles in the water especially on the galvanized steel pipes (G.I. pipes). It would also produce the bed smell and affecting to the human comfort for the user (Rossman et al., 1994). Therefore, the hazard influence shall also be evaluating for selecting an appropriate material as the drinking water pipe to providing a reliable and assured distribution system. 1.2d Capital Value on Different Types of Water Pipe The different materials has their value on the market. Normally, the thermoplastic pipe would slightly cheaper than the metallic pipe due to the different rarity of the material. In some countries, the copper pipe almost made by the recycled scrap and is an abundant resource, so the market price of copper pipe would relatively cheaper. Actually, the value would not only mention on the cost of that material. The manpower resource for installation on different pipe work would essentially concern and it would directly affect to the value when adopting the material since some of the material should involve in special technique, tools and limitation on the installation procedure. Therefore, the labor cost is the major concern on the value of selecting the materials.