Assignment First

本篇代写-公共服务委员会讲了另一个组织,即澳大利亚公共服务委员会- – APS已经成立,以便制定和制定改革和执行的议程。为了实现APS的目标,即澳大利亚公共服务委员会(Australian Public Service Commission),它鼓励所有领导人和雇员的参与,以便统一理解APS的目标,分享和学习有关问题的专门知识。在议程的其他原则之外,一个议程项目是支持和改善APS为残疾人提供的就业机会。本篇代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Another organization i.e. Australian Public Service Commission- APS has been constituted in order to develop and set an agenda for change and delivery. To achieve the objects of the APS i.e. Australian Public Service Commission, it encourages the participation of all leaders and employees so that a uniform understanding of the objectives, sharing and learning to expertise over the issues. Out of other principles of agenda, one agenda item is Supporting and improving APS employment opportunities for disabled people (DSS, 2013). Accordingly, the APS developed online career tools for a people particularly who have disability and interested with APS employment. The online tools are My Career and My APS. The APS also establish such network for representatives of agencies who are connected with disability networks so that the agencies able to access the opportunities and share their experiences from each and other.

The APS also made steps to increase of agency demand for candidates with disability. The APS initiates to stimulate great demand for disabled employees. Naturally, the tendency of employers discourages the hiring of people with disability. Therefore, the employers always offer low level jobs to such disabled persons where low qualification, poor performance, reasonable adjustment costs involved so that the persons with disablement will be paid lower packages. The employers will be in a perception that there will be negative reactions from colleagues and customers. However, such perception is wrong as 4 million people in Australia suffering with disability. It means that out of 5 Australians, one will be person with disability. So, there may not be any chance of negative approach from near persons that may be other staff or another customer (Disability Discrimination Act, 1992). The APS designed such programs to achieve the improvement in recurring processes of disabled persons, improving leadership qualities among them etc.

It is true that APS is continuously making steps to establish a workforce so that people with disability should diversify with population in Australia equally. However, the results are not encouraging. The representation of disabled people in the APS is declining mode as around 6% of population in Australia during 1997 whereas it was 2.6 in 2011 (Disability Discrimination Act, 1992).

The lowest representation in employment rate of disabled people in Northern Territory is only 1.4%. Comparing with other countries, New Zealand has 8% of representation rate of people with disabilities. In case United Kingdom, the representation of disabled employees in civil service disability was 8%. It means that the employment of persons with disability not exceeding ten percent of the total population in any country.

Besides, the Australian Government ratified the Convention on “Rights of Persons with Disabilities”. Therefore, the Australian Government recognizes the right of disabled people to work on equal basis par with other people. The convention also express and other member countries also must fill with the disabled people in the public sector so that they play prominent role good governance. The object of the convention indicates that getting of the employment of is not just right but the employment must be with the equality and without non-discrimination. To protect more, National Disability Insurance Scheme also launched to support during life to the people with disability.