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本篇代写价格-全球资本主义讲了发达国家和新兴经济体的公民现在已经进入了全球资本主义。经济和政治体系的世界正在发生变化。冷战结束后的世界政治、俄罗斯的崩溃、日本的增长停滞、德国的统一以及亚洲国家的崛起,都是这种论调的一部分。这些在国际事务中最初阶段的变化正在发生巨大变化。本篇代写价格文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The citizens of the developed nations and emerging economics have now entered into the global capitalism. The world of economic and political systems is changing. The politics of the world after the end of the cold war, the collapse of Russia, stagnant growth of Japan, reuniting of German and the rise of Asian nations are a part of this rhetoric. These changes that were in their inception stage in the international affairs are changing considerably. The changes that originate in the earlier decades are now more prominent and these include the development of technological revolution. The population growth in the emerging nation and the decline of the growth in the industrialized world has led to the development of the global distribution of economic and military power. The development in the world political agenda has impacted and had important consequences to the lives of all the people. In this paradigm, the proponents of the global capitalism state that there will be winners and loser. However, it is alluded that this change would be for the short-term agenda. Economic globalization causes the people to face a number of benefits and also challenges (Turner and Holton, 2015). If the individuals and the societies in the world are able to adjust intelligently to the challenge of the global capitalism, it is important to understand the principles force that lie behind the international and political affairs. There are certain regulatory bodies that explore about the dynamic of the different kinds of capitalism. It is to ensure that fair trade practices are fostered in the communities.

The role of the United Nations and International Monetary fund needs to be factored in this paradigm. These are discussed in the following