Assignment First

本篇代写价格-薪酬和绩效的关系讲了即使在当前动荡的环境下,所有的公司都希望获得成功和盈利。公司之间的竞争加剧了。这就是为什么雇主努力留住那些能为公司带来最大价值的员工。对于组织来说,更重要的是要与就业建立一种积极和强有力的关系,然后他们应该以完成任务为目标。本篇代写价格文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

All companies have the wish to gain success and be profitable even within the present turbulent environment. The competition between firms has increased. This is the reason why employers are striving to retain those employees that add maximum value to their firms. It is further important for organizations to create a relationship of positive and strong nature with the employments and they should then be directed towards fulfilment of task (Abadi et al., 2011). For achieving the objectives, companies indulge in developing strategies for competing in a competitive market and for increasing performance. Only some companies, however, are of the consideration that employees are the key assets and they have the ability to lead company towards success (Ali et al, 2009). When these employees are not appropriately managed, then it leads towards organization productivity to start declining. Individuals have various requirements and to meet these needs they are consistently in competition. However, without motivation of these individuals, nothing can be gained by a company.

It has been found through several years of research that good remuneration is one of the policies organizations can adopt for enhancing the performance of the workers. This in turn results in increasing productivity of an organization. With the current global trend in economy, most employers have started realizing the perspective that for their companies to obtain competition edge, employee performance should be good and have long term basis. When this is possible, it helps in determining the extent of success for a company (Adam, 2010). There is no doubt that employee performance is crucial not only for organizational growth but also for individual employee’s growth. A company should acknowledge its workers especially when it comes to providing them with good training. This ensures that all the employees are adding value to their employing firm. It further becomes crucial to assess job performance across every management and employment level such as decision making, rotation of job and enrichment of job etc.