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本篇代写价格-银河元素在现代首饰设计中的应用讲了本文的研究目的是分析银河元素在现代首饰设计中的应用。在此基础上,提出了理论分析与实践分析相结合的方法。已经进行了大量的数据整理和前期准备工作。本研究将运用比较分析、案例分析和文献研究法。这样做是为了确保进行了全面的分析。这些被发现在珠宝设计中融合了颜色元素和银河结构。本篇代写价格文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

3.0 Methodology

The research objective of this paper is to analyse the application of Galaxy elements in the modern jewellery design. According to this there has been combination of the theoretical analysis and practical analysis. There has been a lot of collation of data and prior preparations that have been embarked. In this particular research there will be the use of comparative analysis, case analysis and literature research method. This will be done in order to ensure that there has been comprehensive analysis. These are found to incorporate the colour elements and construction of galaxy in the jewellery design

3.1 Comparative analysis

The paper has divided the application of galaxy elements into two major parts, and this is the colour elements application and construction of architectural art. It has also collected and researched different jewellery works of artists such as David Watkins and other designers in order to compare the different application of galaxy elements in the jewellery design.

3.2 Case analysis

During the comparative analysis, the paper has used case analysis since it has collected several pieces of jewellery designs that are based on galaxy theme. Through this case study analysis, there can be comprehension of jewelleries perform and express the galaxy theme specifically in their design (Gauch, 2003).

3.3 Literature research method

This paper has researched certain articles that introduce the geometric construction application in the jewellery design. This has been used as the theoretical references. These are found to subsequently relate to the research objective.