Assignment First

本篇代写论文-百事可乐的营销策略讲了百事可乐公司选择了各种宣传媒体和策略作为营销传播工具,在澳大利亚推广这一新的营销活动,如电视广告、广告牌、有轨电车和巴士上的海报等。本研究选择的市场沟通部分是澳大利亚公交车和有轨电车上的“和百事说出来”的海报。本篇代写论文文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Various promotional media and strategies have been selected by PepsiCo as marketing communication tools for promoting this new marketing campaign in Australia, such as TV ads, billboards, posters on trams and buses, etc. The market communication piece which has been selected for further discussions in this study is the poster of ‘Say it with Pepsi’ on buses and trams across the Australia (Kellaris & Machleit, 2016).


Now, the positive and negative aspects associated with this market communication piece and campaign of PepsiCo have been discussed below with respect to various relevant factors,

Positive Aspects

Objective: Although the discussions in the study are mainly focused on the marketing communication piece and strategies of PepsiCo in Australia but ‘Say it with Pepsi’ is a global marketing communication strategy of the company. The basic objective of the company behind this marketing campaign is to select a common global language that could be utilised for universal marketing communication in any nation of product supply (Bruhn et al., 2017). Massive use of different social media platforms among billions of people across the world made emojis a common global language and use of simple designs makes emojis more expressive as well. Hence, use of PepsiMoji designs in marketing communication pieces in Australia or any other nation of product supply is a unique marketing approach of PepsiCo. The above marketing communication piece of PepsiCo could easily connect itself with the interest of Aussie customers through encouraging their creativity and fun experience to play with emojis (Bruhn et al., 2017).