Assignment First

  本篇代写论文-当前的问题和机遇讲了当前的问题和机会是当前项目中出现的问题和困难。项目中仍然存在数据安全风险。在网站开发过程中,项目开发人员面临着需求不明确、创意、内容、时间不够、网站上线晚、网站被黑、网站升级后网站崩溃等问题。这些不同的问题提供了机会,以有效的方式了解更多关于网站开发项目的处理。本篇代写论文文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Current Problems and Opportunities

  The current problems and opportunities are the issues and difficulties occurring currently in the project. The risk of data security still exists in the project. During the development of website, project developer have face lot of issues such as requirements were not clearly defined, creativity, content, lack of time, late launching of website, website got hacked, and website site broke after an upgrade. These different issues provide the opportunity to learn more about the handling of website development project in an effective manner (Freelock, 2010). It is learned that before going to launch a fully developed website, launch a website starting page not end of project. In the development of the website, team face issues from the starting of project that they were unaware that how can develop the website with creativity and what content they can use to influence the customers.

  Project developer team were also facing the time issue because all the activities were delayed. Yes, currently one issue is available as website broke after upgrade. This issue can affect the e-commerce system of Nepalesed restaurant and company would be failed to provide the information about new offerings. Furthermore, team have identified that provided content or information by the company are not relevant that can be avoided by the web developer, because developer also work for the on page SEO that supports in promotion of website (Halvorson & Rach, 2012). However, this issue was unavoidable. Moreover, website of company was stopped after an upgrade automatically that affect the work negatively. It provides opportunity to learn that how effectively this issue can be addressed, which will support in getting the benefit in future. The issue in website arises because at the time of coding development team have forgotten to add the upgrade related codes.

  Yes, project is feasible because in the development of website some technical issues are normal and can be resolved easily.