Assignment First


在制定的方案中观察到较高的功率距离指数。大家都知道,每个公司都需要有一定的层次结构来控制和维护运营的责任。更高层次的层级和控制导致过程无效(Ashkenas et al., 2015)。生产周期越长,产量就会增加。这使得竞争者比公司获得竞争优势。在这个过程中,员工们基本上会感到失去动力。因此,公司内部在创新和创新理念的形成上可能会存在一定的滞后性。因此,这在现代现代企业中是没有遵循的。这会导致做决定的时间变长。这种时间上的延迟给公司带来了固有的脆弱性(莱维特,2007)。层级更高。这被认为是团队内部不健康的层次结构。



作为第一步,百事可乐需要开发协议来消除不健康的层级结构。为此,应该去除一些层次结构和官僚控制(Collinson, 2011)。这可以通过保持员工与经理的健康比例来实现。目前,这是在公司内部引入变更管理的原因之一。在百事可乐公司,应该更加强调创建更小的功能团队。


There is a high level of power distance index observed in the plan formulated. It is understood that every company needs to have a certain hierarchy to control and maintain accountability of the operations. Higher levels of hierarchy and controls lead to ineffectiveness of processes (Ashkenas et al., 2015). There is a longer cycle time that leads to increase in production. This causes the competitors to gain competitive advantage over the company. Employees feel essentially demotivated in this process. Owing to this, there could be lag developed in the innovation and in formulation of novel ideas within the company. Hence, this is not followed in the modern day contemporary companies. This leads to longer times to make a decision. This delay in time creates an inherent vulnerability for the company (Leavitt, 2007). There is higher level of hierarchy. This is considered to be unhealthy levels of hierarchy within the teams.
A number of ideologies are proposed to ensure solutions for the above-mentioned issues. This is explained in detail in the following.
While developing a leadership strategy, it should be understood that it is not for short-term goals. It should be towards sustenance for the long term. It is a continual learning process. Rubio has made a number of positive strides in this arena. There has been a fundamental shift in many of the protocols. Pepsi Co has managed to thrive under exigent circumstances and also across the spectrum. Hence, it is understood that they have a robust leadership strategy. However, making certain changes will ensure the thriving of the company in the future. Change management has been difficult to implement within the company.
As an initial step, there is a need for Pepsi Co to develop protocols to remove unhealthy hierarchy. For this, there should be removal of some layer of hierarchy and bureaucratic controls (Collinson, 2011). This can be achieved by maintaining healthy ratio of employee to the manager. Currently, this is one of the reasons for bring in change management within the company. There should be more emphasize given to the creation of smaller functional teams in Pepsi co.