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本篇代写论文的网站-沃尔沃生产技术讲了为了使沃尔沃的生产技术稳定,必须将重点放在减少空间需求上,包括与传统装配线相比的缓冲空间。这是由于在生产的不同阶段将一些产品放置在中间缓冲区内,以及为了减少与运输领域有关的需要。不考虑由于操作员在整个产品中的位置未得到充分利用而导致的空间增加,总体上可以实现更好和更有效的工作。本篇代写论文的网站文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Operation strategy Geely should pursue for valorizing the technology of production at Volvo

For valorizing the technology of production at Volvo, focus must be created on the reduction of space requirements that are inclusive of buffer volumes in comparison with the traditional assembly of line. This was because of the placement of some product within the intermediate buffers across different phases of production and for the reduction of need related to the areas of transportation. Irrespective of the resultant increase on space because of the under- utilized positions of operators across the product, there can be an achievement of better and efficient work on the whole (Delahaye 2004). Or if placed differently while there is a parallel flow, there is an increase in space due to the larger stations at work being compensated to reduce the volumes of buffer as a result of technical causes between the placed groups at work within a series. The entire Uddevalla plant of Volvo should live in with the expectation for being innovative in enhancing the efficiency related to production of car and at the same period of time, human conditions are provided for workers of the industry (Procter 2008). Uddevalla should be developed as a working place for men and women of different age groups, as a combined work force can be considered as an asset. There must be a development of new technical strategies for the enhancement of learning.

A holistic and organic perception will help in perceiving the differentiations between different things and aspects across the globe being considered like an asset. Any type of grouping can be considered as a specific purpose. In this, the key aim for facilitating the mastery of complicated tasks is the result for utilization of several different types of components (Delahaye 2004). In addition to this, there should have been a consideration of supplier integration and strategic partnership, modularity in processes and products, and rapid and effective integration as essential strategies for being successful in the implementation of mass customization. With respect to this postponement approach, Uddevala should have focused on the entire chain of supply instead of only the channels of delivery or production. Nevertheless, there is an involvement of specific differences in the sources for achieving the final ends. When considering the process design, there were two issues demanding significant solution as a result of extremely parallelized system of production (Abrahamson 2000). When considering the model of portfolio, the initial step should be inclined on the analysis of actual volume purchased by the organization. This referred to specific factors like attributes of supplier market, characteristics of product, and the factors of competence, and then there is an analysis of the purchases or commodities with the model of portfolio, and economic value in alignment with the purchases.

The unions and top management should have created a focus on the quality for performance of workforce with respect to high value and in a manner of securing recruitment in relation with the workers of competence for the assurance of productivity. These recommendations would have helped in addressing that the spending on volume are recognized to be the most individualized significant factors for being considered at the company (Hannah 1994). Other values should have focused on the composition of value and respects for the safety and health of the employees and the contribution of everyone.