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本篇代寫論文費用-澳大利亞的健康保險行業講了一個強大的政府廉潔,因爲澳大利亞表現出良好的誠信水平,相比世界平均水平。國家內部存在強有力的政治安排和具有更好遠見的穩定政府是經濟環境穩定的基本條件。由於行業直接依賴於所有這些因素,可以說澳大利亞的健康保險行業在這些因素上確實有一些強有力的支持。本篇代寫論文費用文章由美國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

A strong government integrity is observed, as Australia displays a good integrity level compared to a world average. The presence of strong political arrangements within the country and stable government with a better foresight are basic necessities for the economic environment to be stable. As the industry directly relies on all these factors, it could be said that Australian Health Insurance Industry does have some strong support in these factors.

As of 2015, the Australian economy had more or less stabilized from the recession effects. It is now considered as one of the world’s twenty largest favourable economies to work with. The per capita GDP income is estimated around 55,000 as of 2015 (Internations, 2017). In 2017, the GDP PPP is 1.1trillion$. The FDI inflow to the country is estimated at around $22.3 billion (Heritage, 2017a). Supporting a stable economy of workers in different industries, the aging population of Australia has created a demand for both labourers and skilled workers in the industry. Health insurance being a strong part of the health care system directly employs a high percentage of skilled workers.

A threat to the Health Insurance sector was the global financial crises and this was a time when export levels declined in the country which was the backbone of the Australian economy. Besides, as of 2013, the mining boom in the country officially came to an end, and this led to the slowing down of the GDP value at 2.7 percent. However, as of 2015 and above, there has been a significant improvement in export levels. The general economy has improved considerably as a consequence. While export levels might not have a direct impact on the Health Insurance industry, it does affect a vast amount of population within the country who would have found impossible to get competitive health premiums. Private health insurers like Medibank and HCF would have been challenged because of the less economic spending of healthcare clients. This would have led to less buyer power in the industry. Lesser buyer power leads to less choices, and more of a monopolistic trend, the industry becomes less competitive and the growth forms become limited as a consequence. With the recovering economy, it was possible for the Health Care industry to find more competitive ways to stabilize its profits. Moreover, the current economy is focused on skilled labour, science and technology. Health care systems try to incorporate all three and this has been a significant point of leverage for Health Insurance Businesses. New ways of attracting partners, vendors and customers and more efficient ways of consumer satisfaction and regulation compliance become possible within the industry.