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本篇代寫論文費用-雪佛龍公司講了雪佛龍公司從事天然氣和石油的勘探和開採業務。雪佛龍公司於1879年以另一個名字開始經營。雪佛龍公司是一家從事開採作業的美國跨國商業組織。1906年,雪佛龍公司通過整合更多的業務運作和擴大人力資源,改變了組織結構。雪佛龍公司自成立以來,一直把人力資源開發作爲公司發展的重點。雪佛龍公司已在全球180多個國家開展業務。據《財富》500強統計,雪佛龍公司在500強企業中排名第三,並長期主導石油行業。本篇代寫論文費用文章由美國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

Chevron Corporation is engaged in the business of exploration and extraction of natural gas and oil. Chevron Corporation first started their business operation in 1879 with some other name. Chevron Corporation is an American multinational business organization engaged in extraction operations. During 1906, Chevron Corporation changed their organizational structure in terms of integrating more business operations and by expanding human resource. Since starting of business of Chevron Corporation, their main focus is always on development of human resource. Business operations of Chevron Corporation have established their business operations in more than 180 countries worldwide. According to Fortune 500, Chevron Corporation is listed as third among 500 corporations and has been dominating petroleum industry since long ago. Following are major business operations or business products of Chevron Corporation:





Price to asset ratio = Stock or share price / Total assets – Intangible assets

Price to asset ratio indicates value of stocks or value of shares as compared with total assets of the business organization. Price to asset ratio is used by investors to look deeper into the business operations. By using this ratio, investor can analyze whether business organization is undervalued or overvalued in terms of stock price and total assets (excluding intangible assets) of the business organization (Stephens and Grant, 2015). From the above chart of Chevron Corporation, it can be analyzed that they had maintained adequate level of price to asset ratio, which shows that their share price is backed with adequate assets. As compared with industry average, Chevron Corporation has been operating their business well as their price to asset ratio is better than industry average.