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本篇代写论文-《公司法》案例讲了根据2001年公司法规定,董事、非执行董事必须遵守公司的规章制度。联邦不允许授权官员或当局承担州法律规定的职责,包括履行职责。《公司法》包含了对公司法的一些修订,这些修订主要源于适用于全国的立法的变化特征(O’Neill and O’Neill, 2011)。该法案要求组织保留注册办公室,至少有两名董事,并填写公司章程大纲。本篇代写论文文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Somehow the company was suffering from losses for some past six months because of some economic conditions in China. On behalf of the Top Engineering Pty Ltd, Lee was borrowed an amount of $750,000 from the Friendly Bank Ltd to expand his business company in Beijing. Susan, the wife of Lee, was the nonexecutive director of the Top Engineering Pty Ltd, left the management of the organization because Susan thought that Lee is having the genius business brain and also capability and understanding of China’s market. Later, Susan signed the bank loan document as a company director, and then she knows that company was facing a big difficulty in paying the bills, the cheque is issued by the company for paying electricity bill was seen as bounced. Now, Susan was liable for the payment of a loan to the Friendly Bank Ltd, but the company failed to pay the loan amount, signed by Susan, and thus the Susan was liable for the repayment of loan amount. There are some rules and regulations, so as per as the Corporation Act 2001 the companies have to follow some rules and legislations, so according to corporation’s act 2001, Susan was liable for the repayment loan amount $750,000 to the Friendly Bank Ltd. The basis of some rules, regulations, policies and legislature the companies have to set the framework (Sarat, 2011). The framework is based on the benefits of some shareholders. The Boards of Directors are the main responsible for operating this kind of business activities organization. The boards of directors are responsible for operating the business activities of the organization, Susan was also the nonexecutive director of the Top Engineering Pty Ltd, and she also passed the loan of the company. Some of the judges interpret the case on somehow on their basis of knowledge and skills. As per as Corporations Act 2001 provide the directions to the directors, nonexecutive directors and they have to follow the rules and regulations. The Commonwealth is not allowed to authorize the officers or authorities to undertake the functions under the state law including the performance of the duty. The Corporation Act comprises some amendments to the corporation law that arises principally out of the changed characteristic of the legislation applying throughout the country (O’Neill and O’Neill, 2011). The act requires that the organization should maintain the registered office, minimum two directors and fill the memorandum of articles and association.