Assignment First

本篇代寫論文 價格-新西蘭郵政講了新西蘭郵政目前在提供員額方面面臨困難,原因有二- -員額的規模不同,滿足所有需要的基礎設施有限。團隊成員對新的工作角色的積極性似乎更低,因爲內部的模糊性和低變更阻力。本節將討論上述3個問題。本篇代寫論文 價格文章由美國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

There are 3 important issues described and these stand as the base for the rest of the minor issues such as lack of coordination and involvement of resources. It is a problem with the management and not the resources as such. Every issue by default shows that the management has lost its control and left the state owned enterprise to go at stake. This has to be worked upon. As per the case given, majority of the frontline leaders did not feel their belonging to the firm because of the internal ambiguities and tensions of HR manager. The involvement of trade union in this scene is a problem as it affects the unity between the current employees. It is understandable that the organization’s culture is entirely based on how the senior management views and responds to issues and coordinates with employees (Nielsen, 204). In the absence, these sorts of operational issues find their ways.

Description of Issues

New Zealand Post is currently facing difficulties with the delivery of posts due to 2 reasons – the varying dimensions of the post and the limited infrastructure available to fulfil all the needs. The team members seem to be less motivated towards the new job roles because of internal ambiguities and low change resistance. The 3 issues identified above will be discussed in this section.

Work culture issue

Soon after the business faced a decline and required a better strategy to take it forward, New Zealand Post observed that inconsistent performance prevailed in several branches. The internal work culture did not encourage changes and leadership was hardly noticed among employees (Olson, 2003). The lack of intervention from corporate management can be stated as the reason for poor work culture. The misunderstanding between the management levels has actually impacted on the morale, ownership and motivation of employees. This issue calls for better workplace policies to develop further.

Performance issue

The main reason for development of performance issue is the lack of monitoring and control from the top management. The employees are primarily not adept with sudden environmental changes. They have not received the necessary training to improve and prioritize their action plans (Geller, 2001). The balanced scorecard concept becomes of no use in this situation because the development is not defined and there is no scope. Employees could not align the new roles with the business goals of New Zealand Post.