Assignment First



员工手部烧伤、眼睛烧伤和呼吸困难等事故都表明,不照顾员工违反了《2011年工作健康与安全法》第18条和第19条。第18条规定,酒店必须采取合理可行的措施,确保员工的健康和安全(, 2016),并告知他们哪种清洁剂有害,哪种清洁剂适合清洁地板和玻璃。第19条规定,雇主的首要责任是确保雇员的健康和安全得到合理的切实可行的照顾(, 2016)。


该法第32条是严重违约,因为它规定,如果个人不履行健康和安全义务,并将他人暴露于此类危险和风险事件中,则该个人构成第2类违约(, 2016)。酒店没有风险管理部门,当电梯不工作、员工没有接受过培训等情况下,雇主总是将员工暴露在危险的工作环境中。


1. 酒店员工殴打客人,严重伤害客人的谣言是一个严重的问题,这表明对员工的培训不适当或没有培训,或可能雇佣了错误类型的员工,表明人力资源管理体系薄弱。

2. 酒店不遵守安全指引,允许任何人未经许可进入酒店,这是一种冒险的做法。


4. 高铁培训尚未结束,没有员工完成培训,可能对客人和员工造成危险。

5. 健康与安全委员会被要求定期召开会议,但在过去三年里没有召开过会议,会议也不严肃,因为会议的最后几分钟显示出讨论圣诞晚会的不负责任。

6. 人力资源管理部门没有对新员工进行入职培训,除了不遵守法律,还会影响整个运营和服务提供。

7. 员工工作不规律,经常缺勤,这是一个不好的纪律。

8. 没有正确的供应商关系,没有人遵守产品规格的指导方针,使用错误的产品对员工和客人造成生命威胁。


The hotel is in a mess of its operations and it is unknowingly breaching several legislative responsibilities and obligations. Due to poor management of the hotel and the employees, it has been falling back in its service. By not following the legislations relevant to hotels, it is deteriorating its value as a hotel evident by the continuous hiring and leaving of employees and lack of proper induction training.
In not taking care of the employees, seen in incidents where the employees experience burns on their hand, burns to the eyes, and breathing difficulties, it is breaching section 18 and section 19 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. Section 18 states that the hotel must take reasonably practicable efforts in ensuring proper health and safety for employees (, 2016) and informing them which cleaner is harmful and which is the right one for cleaning the floors and glass. Section 19 states that it is the primary duty of the employer to ensure that the health and safety of the workers employed is taken care as much as it is reasonably practicable (, 2016).
Section 50 states that the hotel must appoint a person through way of election who would represent all workers. His sole duty will be to assess the health and safety measures at the site especially at the location where there is greater chance of risk. The hotel does not have any employee who is a dedicated employee for health and safety assessments, thus breaching this section of the act.
Section 32 of the act is a serious breach, as it states that an individual commits a category 2 breach if the person fails to comply with the health and safety duty and exposes others to such hazardous and risky events (, 2016). The hotel does not have a risk management division and the employer is consistently exposing employees to risky work environment when the lift is not working, the employees are not trained, etc.
The hazards identified in the hotel are described below.
1. The rumour about the hotel staff hitting a guest and injuring him seriously is a severe issue and indicates improper or no training to employees, or probably hiring the wrong kind of employee indicating a weak HRM system.
2. The hotel does not follow safety guidelines and allows anyone to enter the hotel without permission, which is a risky practice.
3. The lift is old and constantly out of order, and if it permanently stops working, it may be difficult for guests to climb the floors and other services will be hit.
4. The HSR training has not been finished and no employee has finished the training which could be dangerous for guests and employees.
5. The health and safety committee which is required to conduct periodic meetings has not met for the last three years and is not serious because the last minutes of the meeting shows irresponsibility seen to discuss Christmas party.
6. The HRM is not conducting induction training for new employees, which impacts the entire operations and service delivery in addition to non-adherence to legislations.
7. Employees are not regular at work and are continuously absent from working which is a bad discipline to be followed.
8. There is not proper supplier relationship and no one is following the guidelines for product specification and uses wrong products which cause threat of life to employees and guests.