Assignment First

本篇代写论文-如何照顾痴呆症病人的生活,分析了与患痴呆症的病人打交道并非易事。病人需要家庭成员的特别照顾。如果他们被送往医院,那么关心的医务人员和护士必须保持冷静和关心,并鼓励病人。有时,这类患者非常寻求关注。应该对个人给予确切的关注。在开始治疗程序之前,与家庭成员进行讨论是有效的。这有助于了解他们的个性。在这种疾病中,患者的行为是非常不可预测的。家庭成员是最好的解释他们喜欢和不喜欢的人。他们还能解释如何与病人沟通,以建立一种体贴的关系。第一次互动就发挥了重要的作用。沟通过程是治疗的重要工具(Doherty & Collier, 2009)。这种病人有时会变得喜怒无常或傲慢自大。护士需要学会如何平静地处理这些情况,这样才不会造成任何不必要的情况。如果他们的家人支持他们,痴呆症患者可以很快得到改善。社会和医务人员的支持也可以鼓励他们过上正常的痴呆生活。

People suffering from dementia are considered as an unimportant, irrelevant part of the society. The families of the affected persons are sometimes getting annoyed and find an easy way to escape by sending them into hospitals. The patient does not show any arrogance until the environment supports them to do it. Before starting treatment, peaceful environment is essential for the patient. Noise or any hazardous or unacceptable conditions make them irritated, which deteriorates the treatment procedure. A friendly atmosphere or a pleasant environment makes easier to handle this kind of patients. These types of patients are not aggressive if you have known how to behave with them (LoGiudice et al., 2016). The nurses or the staffs those are handling this kind of patients must have sufficient knowledge regarding the disease and about the treatment procedures. From the initial stage, nurses are instructed to develop a reliable relationship along with the patient. Always support them mentally and if needed then physically, which helps to build up a healthy relationship. In this way, the nurses can help them to regain their confidence which is losing gradually due to their disease. Hence the nurses are asked to perform as their supportive mechanism which helps them to recover. To perform such inspiring roles, the nurses are required a well-constructed training session on dementia, which helps them in patients caring process. The patients suffering from dementia are extremely sensitive. Special attentions to the individual and familiar atmosphere help them to response quickly. One thing is required considerations in many articles that proper training and guidance are essential for the nurses to improve the treatment status. It is very much important that not only the theoretical courses are needed to educate the nurses, but the physical internship is also helpful to both of them. Lack of understanding, impatience and lack of time make the treatment procedure more complicated. Overloading or mental instability of the staffs or nurses has affected the conditions adversely.

Dementia is a health problem which can be cured to some extent by showing respect to the suffering people. It is our responsibility to change our behaviour towards dementia and those are suffering from this disease. We have to be supportive, sympathetic and caring towards such patients, which surely helps them to recover quickly (Moyle, Borbasi et al., 2010). At the same time, if the patients are admitted to hospitals, medications are not sufficient without the caring from the staffs. The concern staffs especially the nurses are supposed to be supportive and responsive towards the patients, which improves conditions steadily.