Assignment First

本篇代写论文-时代演艺学院讲了该公司有更大的可能实现利润,因为它有一个精心策划的战略,全年提供服务。学校假期计划的规划方式是根据不同的学校使用不同的资源。此外,成人的计划不是固定的,所以他们可以定制。学院背后有一个支持系统,可以不惜任何代价资助和继续这项业务。这样的经营速度,在未来可以获得更好的市场份额。表演艺术在中国是一个要求很高的领域,因为它的附加值和范围遍及世界各地。通过定期预算程序,公司可以减少杂项开支,并将所有的查询转化为客户。本篇代写论文文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The company has more likelihood to achieve profits as it has a well-planned strategy to offer services round the year. The school holiday program is planned in such a way that the resources are used in accordance to a number of schools. Further, the plans for adults are not fixed so that they can customize. The academy has a support system at the back to fund and continue the business at any cost. With this pace of business, it can gain a better market share in the future. The performing arts are a highly demanding area in the country because of its value addition and scope throughout the world. With the regular budgeting process, the firm can mitigate the miscellaneous expenses and convert all the enquiries into customers.


Times Performing Arts Academy follows the strategy of offering services that build the community. The services such as dance styles and yoga are meant to enrich the status of community in terms of knowledge and health. In an aim to achieve sustainability and vision, it also displays a special note about its Charity Foundation in the website (Times Performing Arts Academy, 2015). This webpage explains about the eye care foundation that lacks infrastructure to treat patients with poor eye health conditions. It urges the need for anyone who is a part of the academy to take part in this foundation.

The corporate social responsibility policy is rather clear in this academy portfolio. This association with society helps the studio to ensure long term relationships. Further, the services are structured in such a way that the firm is associated with customers at all times. Be it a yearly program or school holiday program or package program, the art styles are flexible and interesting for the community to access and benefit from. This eliminates the competition facing the Times Performing Arts Academy.

Additionally, the social association is also visible in its organization of community building activities. The council events are few outreach platforms that the firm uses to project its capability and develop awareness about the culture. It believes in knowledge sharing. As the studio is open to all, it organizes internal outreach programs to spread the knowledge about various art forms. This is one such technique by which the organization socializes with the people and also promotes its brand.

The technique has helped the firm to achieve economic and cultural sustainability. The broad range of art forms and performances at local councils has informed the quality and dedication of the firm towards the culture. Though there is threat of new entrants and high buyer power, the brand holds good reputation due to the social events that it encourages.