Assignment First

本篇代寫論文-無聲電影讲了在無聲電影的設置中,個體對沉默的感知是至關重要的。這導致了消極的結果。人的經驗更積極地表達和體驗沉默。聾的人口無法理解沉默的意義(Žižek, 1992)。從這個意義上說,寂靜可以通過聆聽大自然發出的聲音來理解,即使是輕微的沙沙聲,也可以通過聆聽最遠的距離來理解。一個人可以設置自己最寬廣的空間來聆聽寂靜,超越宇宙的邊界。另一方面,一個沒有任何聲音的空間似乎是非常具體的,在某種程度上是一種現實的感知。本篇代寫論文文章由美國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

However, individual perception on silence is crucial in the setting of silent films. This results in negative outcome. The experience of man expresses and experiences silence more positively. Deaf population cannot understand the meaning of silence (Žižek, 1992). In this sense, silence can be understood by listening to the sound made by nature, listening to the sound at most distance even if it’s a slight rustle. One can set his or her own widest space for listening to silence, reaching beyond the boundaries of universe. A space without any sound on the other hand seems very concrete, and is somewhat a realistic perception. It is felt as unsubstantial and weightless, for what is seen merely as a vision. There is acceptance of realistic space consisting of sounds provided with the dimensions of depth. Across this stage, silence ends up reversing speech with dramaturgical functions (Bordwell & Thompson, 2009). As a significant example, if a noisy company faces silence on the appearance of new character. However, this kind of a silence should not be lasting for more than second. This curdles and stops the performance. When there is a setting of stage, the impact of silence can be lasting.

When specifically focusing on the film, silence may reflect extreme variation and vividness even if in the absence of any voice. There can be a number of gestures and expressions. Silent glance is able to speak volumes, with assurance of soundless setting the expressions. In a silent figure, facial movements end up explaining the reason for which silence is set (Elsaesser & Hagener, 2009). This helps in having a sense of weight, tension and menace. In the setting of films, silence will not be halting action instantly and the silent provide a living face to silence. The physiognomy of humans is highly intensive in case of silence. Silence contributes in dropping masks while viewing things with wide open eyes and vision. If any object is shown in a sound film, the noises surrounding will be shown (Frampton, 2006). All sound is suddenly cut out bringing in isolated close up with significant physiognomy and tensions provoking and inviting the follow up of event.