Assignment First

本篇代写论文一般多少钱-在线杂志零售讲了有外部因素将有助于增加网上杂货购物市场。网上购物的增长主要是由于智能手机的使用。在澳大利亚,移动商务的机会越来越多。过去,在线渠道为大公司带来了超过10亿美元的销售增长,而且这一趋势一直在增长。越来越多的人在使用智能手机,智能手机使用量的增加也引起了现有销售点零售商的注意,比如科尔百货公司(Cole ‘s)就为顾客提供“点击提货”服务。在这些服务中,消费者会在网上预订他们想要的东西,然后到销售网点提供的免下车服务取货。本篇代写论文一般多少钱文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

There are external factors that will be contributing to the increase in market for online grocery shopping. Primarily online shopping has increased because of the usage of smartphones. In Australia mobile commerce opportunities are seen to be on the rise. The online channel is responsible for more than a billion in sales growth for major companies in the past and this trend has been growing. More people are using smartphones and the increased smartphone usage is also noticed by existing point of sale grocery retailers such as that of Cole’s who provide customers with “Click & Collect” services. In these services consumers will pre-order what they want online and then will go to a drive-through service that is provided at the sales outlet and pick up their goods (Food Magazine, 2015). Only 5% of consumers are using these services at present because the consumer still has to drive to pick up their order. Research indicates that more than 53% might be willing to use delivery services. As Megan Treston, a Director in Nielsen’s Retail Industry Group states, “The Australian landscape and lifestyle is more complex to other markets, with many consumers living a reasonable distance from retail stores and many not being at home to accept grocery deliveries,” (Food Magazine, 2015) so GroceryRun should plan accordingly to eliminate these concerns for consumers. At present GroceryRun has the capability to meet threats of new entrants who might not be able to negotiate a geographic advantage. GroceryRun has a geographic advantage; it has established distribution networks efficiently so that they promise grocery delivery with a shipping cap of $9.99 only (GroceryRun, 2015).

Technical Feasibility

Technical feasibility analysis is an important step in business planning. Here the logistical tactical elements of the business combined with long term planning are considered. The technology design for the product-service of this business will be designed by the business itself. The business will use customer opinions when developing the design. Customer feedback systems are good for developing company logistics as it ensures the company meets customer requirements. GroceryRun has online customer feedback forms where the customers can list their future expectations with the company. The product and service distribution is arranged for the company in partnership with distribution logistics companies and suppliers. This is not an in house company it is more of a combination partnership (Huxham, and Vangen, 2013). There are existing distribution networks in different areas and GroceryRun will tie up with these distribution networks in order to reach its customers.