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本篇代写论文-政府间组织讲了政府间组织在促进国家间的冲突解决和处理国家间的棘手冲突方面具有重要的作用。政府间组织以服务于几个不同的基本功能而闻名,这些功能进一步增加了合作的机会。本篇代写论文文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Intergovernmental organizations

Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) have significant prominence for both, facilitation of conflict resolution among states, and to deal with intractable conflict among states. IGOs are known for serving several different basic functions that further result in enhancing the chances of cooperation (Hoge, 2004, 2).

The League of Nations, created after the end of 1st World War, was an initial attempt of systematizing mediation of third party when there was an involvement of international conflict. However, it turned out to be extremely weak as there was no joining initiation by important states (Hajnal, 2007, 10). This resulted in limiting the overall ability for performing functions. After the Second World War came to an end, as identified in the research by Hoge (2003), there was a creation of United Nations, and even though it had been working better in comparison with the League of Nation, its effectiveness was impeded by the Cold War for a number of years (Hoge, 2004, 3).

As the Cold War came to an end, the United Nations (UN) started taking over new roles, and there was more activeness among regional organizations all across the globe in the research by Hajnal (2013). The growth of activism out of this organization, however, does not implicate flawless operations. This literature review will be describing the general purpose of IGOs to minimize interstate conflict, while proceeding for the discussion of expanded roles to deal with external conflicts (Hajnal, 2013, 4).