Assignment First


澳洲电信有正当理由提高价格,以配合中华民国的最大化而由市场承担(Hutt和Spech 2004)。只要合法性得到尊重,它就应该与竞争对手竞争。澳洲电信完全可以辩称,道德规范、对国家的贡献和公平将得到尽可能多的尊重,尽管在实现这些目标时并非总是强制性的。







Telstra has the right justification to raise prices subject to what will be borne by the market in sync with the maximizing of the ROC (Hutt and Spech 2004). It should be competing with its competitors provided the legality is respected. Telstra can well argue that ethics and morals, contribution to the goodness of the country, and fairness will be respected as much as possible, although, they are not compulsory all the time in realizing their objective.
The objective of the government, which is partly the owner of Telstra, is lowering the telecommunications infrastructure costs for the promotion of Australian industry’s competitiveness. However, in doing so, the government seeks in reducing the telecommunication burden with the insistence of minimal profits and a plethora of alternatives which are of low cost. In that case, the prime objective of Telstra and the country’s good are at loggerheads.
Therefore, although Telstra’s objective is appropriate, the government policy of full privatization of Telstra is not appropriate for the company. The government policy is also in contradiction with itself. On one hand, government promotes the idea that it should be retaining the valuable assets’ ownership, on the other hand that does not apply to Telstra.
With regards to the second objective, Telstra can provide connection among the people of Australia. However, by providing opportunity in communication among people, it cannot boast that the connection provides a brilliant communication landscape for the future.
The satisfaction of the customers has been critical in the business success of Telstra. All employees of Telstra are taught to have their highest priority for the customers. The Telstra staff is trained to deal with the customers so that the entire process is courteous and professional. The employees in Telstra should make sure that the expectation of the customers is exceeded. The foremost aim in Telstra is to provide customers with a seamless and powerful experience with respect to all platforms and devices in one screen, one touch, and one click way; whether or not the customer is a government agency, large business, small business, or an individual.
For Telstra, it is critically important that the organization strive for quality, innovation, and desirable products and services as well as honesty and integrity. The marketing of Telstra represents timely, effective, and clear marketing in enhancing its brand image and supporting the business objectives. The activities related to sales, advertising and marketing should be describing the products and the services accurately, honestly and fairly. It should not be creating impressions which are misleading and false. The information disseminated by Telstra to their customers must be correct factually, should be reflecting the brand strategy of Telstra, should be complying with the legality and policy of the company, and must be having relevance in relation to the business principles of Telstra.