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本篇代写网站-李克特量表讲了本研究的目的是了解英语作为第二知识在教学和接受过程中遇到的问题。所采用的抽样方法是三所大学的数据收集。数据是通过有目的的抽样收集的。李克特量表也显示了一致性程度(Fowler, 2013)。李克特问卷法是一种从参与者那里获取信息的心理计量评定方法。它通常是一个用来收集信息的等级量表。本篇代写网站文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The aim of the research was to understand the issues encountered while teaching and receiving English as a second knowledge. The sampling method that has been used is data collection from three universities. The data has been collected by purposive sampling. Likert scale also showcases the degree of agreement (Fowler, 2013). Likert questionnaire method is a psychometric rating method of obtaining information from the participants. It is often meant as a rating scale that is used to collect information.

The Likert-scale was used by the researcher to understand about the underlying factors of the knowledge of the language of the teachers and their knowledge towards teaching. This was the reason that the researcher had used Likert-scale score from the questionnaire. When the researcher uses this Likert scale methodology the research would be difficult to defend. It is because when this kind of method is used it becomes difficult to understand the real opinion of the participants. It will only partially explain the situation in some context. In order to overcome this issue, the researcher has used the data from other researches to corroborate the findings. Apart from this, the researcher has also used the reliability model of Cronbach alpha test to verify the result. Owing to these combined efforts, the sampling method can have higher degrees of reliability.

The above discussion explains about the sampling method that has been used. In the following section, there will be analysis of the data that has been collected from various sources.

ii. Data Collection

The method of data collection and critical review of the data collection method has been done in the following section.

For the purpose of data collection, the researcher had contacted the institutions through email and obtained prior permission to gather data from the participants. Internet based tool, Survey Monkey was used to collect the data from the participants. Demographic details of the participants were also collected using this tool. The participants were made to answer the questions using the Likert scale. Purposive sampling method was used by the researcher. For this research, 108 ESL teachers in adult education courses such as Technical and Further Education (TAFE) courses, English Language Intensive courses for oversees students (ELICOS) and Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) were considered. 80% of the respondent teachers were female.

In this case, the research design focuses on the purposive sampling. There is innate research bias that the researcher should overcome to address the research question objectively. Owing to this, this data collection method has been found to be only about certain courses where the majority of the respondents were female. This method has enabled the researcher to gain specific insights.