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本篇代写文章-扩展插座的需求和发展讲了在当今时代,市场上的扩展插座的样式往往是单一的,功能简单,并且要处理许多与安全相关的潜在问题。产品的设计也要根据这些问题来做,提出了对目前插座的一些延伸改进的创新思路,为人们的工作和生活服务。为人民提供更好的服务。顾客不满意的主要原因是空间的不便和产品功能的扭曲。因此,在处理这个产品时,重要的是要注意,客户在购买扩展插座时更关注设计而不是价格。本篇代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Needs and Demands

In the current era, the styles of extension socket on the market often can be seen as single, with simple functionality and dealing with a number of potenti  al problems related to safety. The designing of the product has to be done in accordance with these issues, placed forward to the current extension socket for the improvement of some ideas of innovation, for the work and life of people. This will be done for the provision of better services to the people. The major factor for the dissatisfaction of customers is the inconvenience of space and distorted functioning of the product. Hence, in dealing with this product, it is important to note that customers pay more focus on design instead of price when buying an extension socket.

Switching Costs

The overall cost of this product is inclusive of a number of factors like packaging design, production line, function design, model design, appearance design and many others. Some customers hold the belief that the brand they use is the best brand for the purchases of every product. When business organizations consider switching the cost related to quality, it will help in preventing the customers from the defects provided by other competitors. Customers face a lot of difficulty in finding similar offers for the purchases.

Revenue Attractiveness

When business organizations enter this field, they end up taking the way of high quality and low price, maintaining continuity for enriching the line of product, features of product, and services related to it. The stabilization of these elements has to be done in a way that a specific space of profit gains. Customers have been showing willingness for paying for safety and quality when purchasing extension. From the designing of such appearance, improving the materials of product, and enhancing the function of the product can be considered for the achievement of largest margins. Customers can be successful in easily finding the product that is cheaper and better in comparison with other competitors and online shops.

Competitive Analysis


In this particular area, there are a number of manufacturers that can be seen as competitors for the company. However, these companies cannot be considered as regular brand. There also seems to be a benefit for the brand of the company. Since the advantage of brand bring in a number of advantages, the company will consider keeping costs low and quality of the product at the maximum level. The company is also known to be having its own online shops across the nation, while providing the advantage for the product of the company in entering the markets across the country. The target customers of the company can be everyone using and buying electrical products. It can be seen as a major market as a large population uses electrical products.