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本篇代写 英文-课程评估程序讲了本节将对课程评估过程中涉及的研究过程进行分析。这将包括需求和利益分析。在透露所开发的课程的教师之前,应该是一个能够很好地满足当前时代要求的课程(Selvi, 2011)。要制定一个好的课程,应该有良好的社会了解人民,促进工具,将能够在个人发展或增长的人民,连续性的经验,提供人民的教育目标和维持目标(Mahboob, 2010)。学习的内容应该对学生有效,应该有合适的资源,比如合适的老师来为学生发展信息。本篇代写 英文文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Research processes in curriculum evaluation procedure, including needs and interest analyses

In this section there will be analysis done as to the research processes that are involved in the curriculum evaluation procedure. This would include the need and interest analysis.

Before divulging about the teachers who teach the curriculum that is developed should be a good one to meet the requirements of the current times (Selvi, 2011). To develop a good curriculum there should be good social understanding of the people, promotion of the tools that would enable in the personal development or growth of the people, continuity of the experience, provision of the educational goals of the people and maintenance of the goals (Mahboob, 2010). The content that is learnt should be effective for the students and there should be apt resources such as the right teacher to develop the message for the students.

Once the curriculum has been designed based on these paradigms there should be analysis of the teaching styles of the teachers. The teaching styles of the teachers are found to be varying based on their native language. This has been explained in the following.

Case study of Fudan University Curriculum English course

Fudan University is found to be a popular university in China. In this analysis the case study example of Curriculum English courses in Chinese University have been used. College English is a part of the higher learning process that is considered to be a vital part of the curriculum design in the Chinese University (Ji-gang, 2010). The curriculum based design is designed to ESP (English Specific course). The curriculum design is based on the situational needs of the place, lexical needs and the specific requirements of the course the English courses are offered to the students. It was found from this analysis that the NEST and the NNEST teachers teaching of the language and the students acquiring the subject knowledge have been analyzed. The details about the NNEST and the NEST teacher had been formulated.