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本篇代写英文论文-库存管理和物流问题讲了库存管理问题对制药企业来说非常重要。市场需求不稳定,需要不断重新设计供应商/客户关系的业务流程。在这个价值链中最重要的因素是开发一个处理存储和物流问题的过程。本篇代写英文论文文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The companies understand that there are a number of issues and limitations in this current framework.

They need to ensure that the science behind manufacturing addresses business concerns as well as have competitive advantage.

In the value chain state, the particular problem faced by each company is found to be different. They need to balance the capacity with future demands.

Capacity utilization is a problem along with infrastructure. The infrastructure decision is based on the financial availability of the company. In the operation stage of the company it is often difficult to record the responsiveness. In the case of pharmaceutical products, the primary active ingredient involved multi-stage chemical synthesis or bioprocess. There are lot manufacturing velocities and there is a need to ensure that there is proper quality assurance at several points.

The issue of inventory management is very important for the pharma companies. There is an erratic market demands that requires continual re design of business process for supplier/customer relationships.

The most important factor in this value chain is the developing of a process that addresses the issues of storage and logistics.

Storage and logistics issues

In the case of logistics management there are some common issues that the companies face across all the sectors. These issues are found to be the same across organic perishable products and other. The issues that have been found to impede progress of the companies are the following.


The energy costs are found to be on the rise. The manufacturers need to look for innovative alternative energy sources. Apart from this there is rise in the cost of production because of rise in raw material costs. There is a rise in the raw material costs. Inflation and overcapacity of the process continue to affect the operations. Transportation to offshore and tariff costs have also increased dramatically. Added to this the increasing labour costs, automaton have also become an issue in contention. All the process in the value chain has been facing the issue of rising costs this leads to the increase in the manufacturing costs of the company.