Assignment First



各种因素如消费者人气营销(CSM),提供了一个洞察顾客的头,他是如何感知特别提到的营销方法(Caprile, Sánchez和瓦尔̀年代,2008)。创新采用过程(IAP)告诉我们消费者如何处理新的方法和技术,这是在营销中使用。从而告诉我们更多关于社交媒体营销如何变得有效,尤其是在男性消费者(Kabani, 2010)。因此,当一个人研究不同的方法所涉及的,以及它对消费者的影响,人们不仅可以发现更多关于消费主义,而且关于营销和营销的有效性。

由于社会化媒体营销与社会化媒体和互联网相关,所以它提供的范围是无限的(Arnold, 1992)。总有一些领域可以进行开发,并且上述主题可以变得更加有效,同时也可以进行这种营销的扩展。此外,当目标消费者开始响应并更好地处理新技术和方法时,范围可以进一步扩大(Singh and Diamond, 2012)。唯一可以确定的限制是,接触到internet的用户的数量是唯一能够接触到这种营销技术的用户。没有接触过互联网的人不是这类调查的一部分,营销也不会对他们产生任何影响。



One already knows that the whole world has been taken by a storm called the internet since its advent. There are many things which have come out of it and social media is one of the most significant changes and usage platform which have been introduced by the internet. Furthermore, with the advent of what has been mentioned above and with the incorporation of marketing in it, not only had the way consumers look at consumption of certain goods and services have changed but also the way consumers are dealt with has also changed.
Various factors like the Consumers’ Sentiment toward Marketing (CSM) which gives an insight into the customers head as to how he perceives the specifically mentioned method of marketing (Caprile, Sánchez and Vallès, 2008). Innovation Adoption Process (IAP) tells us how the consumer is dealing with the new methods and technology which is being used in marketing. Thus telling us more about how effective the social media marketing is becoming these days especially amongst the male consumers (Kabani, 2010). Thus when one is studying the different methodologies involved and also the impact it has on the consumers, one can not only find out more about consumerism but also about marketing and the effectiveness of marketing.
Since the social media marketing is related to social media and the internet, the scope that is provided by it is unlimited (Arnold, 1992). There are always areas where development can take place and the said topic can move towards becoming more effective and at the same time expansion of this kind of marketing can also take place. Furthermore, the scope can be increased further when the targeted consumers start becoming responsive and deal with new technology and methods in a better way (Singh and Diamond, 2012). The only constraint that can be identified is that, the number of users who are exposed to the internet can avail are the only ones who can be exposed to this technique of marketing. People who are not exposed to internet are not a part of this kind of survey, nor does the marketing affect them in anyway.
Thus, what can be concluded after researching about the different social media marketing techniques and how it can be used to lure the male consumers into buying the said product or service that is being spoken about? This also proves a lot about how effective it has already been in recent past and the current time considering the expansion of this kind of marketing. The evaluation includes an overview and it has proven that social media marketing is more or less the most effective kind of marketing when it comes to drawing male consumers.