Assignment First


对网站的要求是创建一个更清晰的网站设计,有更好的审美质量和更好的字体,更清晰。保持设计过程的中立性也很重要。网站的情感是为了体现原作者的作品。这是一个普遍的积极的主题,是由网站维护。网站的叙事主题是向观众讲述摄影师作品的故事。它的结构应该使观众能够轻松地连接到摄影师的内容。研究认为,字体的颜色应该清晰易读,背景颜色也应该相应调整。不应该有太多的元素在网页上,可能使它混乱,也会看起来聚集的观众对照片作出判断。重点还放在创建about me部分,以确保有一个特殊的签名。这些是网站创建时考虑的要求。


在原创摄影师的设计中,我们发现Dan Kennedy的网站信息量很大,这种聚集性使得艺术家很难欣赏到原创的设计。因此,图像在这个过程中失去光泽。在网站的创建过程中,对原始摄影师网站的优缺点进行了分解。这有助于理解我们打算创建的网站的确切需求。网站设计中的文字字体非常小,使得受众很难阅读网站的内容。网站的情感是为了突出原作者的作品。他们认为,可以有更多的因素来改善网站的整体情绪和情绪。



Requirements for the website were to create a website design that was clearer, had better aesthetical quality and had better fonts that were more legible. It was also important to maintain neutrality of the design process. The emotion of the website was to reflect the works of the original photographer. This is a general positive theme that was maintained by the website. The narrative theme of the website was to tell the audience the story of the works of the photographer. It should be structured in a way that the audience can easily connect to the content of the photographer. From research it was felt that the font colour should be legible and the background colour should be adjusted accordingly. There should not be many elements in the webpage that could make it confusing and also would look clustered for the audience to make judgements about the photos. Focus was also given to creation of the about me section to ensure that there is a special sign of signature. These were the requirements that were considered for creation of the website.

Audience like to interact with a website that is human like impression. IT allows the users to connect with the website. The arrangements of the font, images and the background of the website are the important parameters that should be considered while creation of the website design.
In the case of the original photographer design, it was found that Dan Kennedy website had a lot of information and this clustering made it difficult to appreciate the original design by the artists. Hence, the images lose lustre in the process. During the creation of the website, the positives and the negatives of the original photographer websites were factored. This helped in understanding of the exact requirements of the website that we intended to create. The textual fonts in the website design are very small, which makes it difficult for the audience to read the content of the website. The emotions of the website were to highlight the works by the original photographer. It was felt that there could be more factors done to improve the overall mood and emotion of the website.
It was found that the professional designers with experience tend to create a Website for the specific target audience and demography. They have clear information as to what is required from the website. The primary objectives are very clear and the content is created accordingly based on this factor. The target audience of this website are the general audience and for the people who appreciate photography. When general audiences are considered, it is important to maintain neutral tones and focus on presenting information in a clear style and easy understanding. This should be done to make the audience appreciate the website and not feel offended or put of by the website design.