Assignment First

本篇代寫作業-學術寫作講了學術寫作是最重要的寫作形式之一,對每個人的學術生涯都至關重要。它是一種包括技巧、程序、寫作風格和理解在內的寫作形式。在這份報告中,討論將集中在學術寫作,信息技術來源,不同類型的來源材料,對來源的批判性評價和學術誠信。本篇代寫作業文章由美國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

In 2000, Dorsey dropped out of college and started to sell his dispatch software through web to interested buyers. Slowly, he came up with an idea that along with dispatch software, an element of instant messaging would be great to be included. Dorsey then approached a company called Odeo and pitched the idea of adding messaging and informing to friends about the whereabouts of oneself (Astrum People, 2016). The idea made some sense and soon after three partners, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey, and Evan Williams started a company which was called as Obvious and later turned into Twitter. On March 2006, Dorsey posted the world’s first tweet. Dorsey was made the CEO of the company, but later in 2008, Evan Williams was named the CEO and Dorsey remained the chairman of the company.

The company was less successful in the early days. It did not get accepted by all and it had its own fair share of lows. However, when the site took up and celebrities started tweeting, it became more successful and well-known (, 2016). The site had several technical glitches initially, and some were also proposing to keep the site working as it served their business purpose. The company soon had 105 million accounts in 2010 and was growing very well.

The competitors of Twitter could be counted as Facebook, Skype, YouTube, and other chatting platforms where people could post real time whereabouts of their location, their activities and reach out to friends and families. The competitors are well placed as Facebook and YouTube are ahead of Twitter in the number of users, revenues, and communication. However, the 140 character limit of Twitter’s tweet is a unique attraction point as it gives little room for haphazard writing and commands more precise writing which makes the site more interesting to millions of users. This could be a competitive advantage when the usage of a social media platform is also indicative of developing the creative side of users. This is hardly found in Facebook and other sites, where there is no limit of word count and characters.