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代寫作業: 職業健康安全入職和培訓政策




作為OHS入職培訓的一部分,員工被要求保持培訓計劃和地圖,在這些地方,他們可以陳述他們所接受的安全和健康培訓的潛在問題。這對於公司確定差距也很有用(Lin & Mills, 2001)。





代寫作業: 職業健康安全入職和培訓政策

The induction and training policy has been prepared for all workers according to the OHS regulations and the WHS legislations. The OHS induction for employees is mandatory for any employees who is working with the company for the first time or who has been rehired after a period of a year (since our policy statements are revised every year).
All employees have to complete the mandatory induction programs and get an oral clearance from their respective team managers before they can commence working. A health and safety consultant will work with the employees during the induction program.
The OHS induction program will also be present for volunteer workers, temps and other interns.
As part of the OHS induction, the employees are asked to maintain training plans and maps where they can state their potential issues with the safety and health training they are received. This is also useful for the company to identify gaps (Lin & Mills, 2001).
Once the HSR(s) level of competency is current and recorded in the OHS Training Planner/Register or equivalent template.
The organization has a record keeping system which is useful for storing three types of records namely, 1) the record keeping for policy, policy audits conducted once a year and also the record keeping for legislation based changes that were being carried out regularly. 2) the Incident reports on the accident occurrences in the company and also detailed noted on the personnel involved and more. 3) Training records and templates for the newer employee induction and more.
The current company standards are according to the OH&S requirements. There are areas of improvement possible in terms of some of the risk controls. For instance, the hazard of moving equipment from one room to the conference room still persists. It is recommended that the company identify these form of hazards that can be completely controlled from their end and can hence be avoided entirely instead of just treating them as a low frequency incident. This will show maximum adherence to legislations.
The purpose of this work is to prepare and present a workplace safety and health policy documenting based on legislative and regulatory requirements. As of 2012, the health and Safety legislation of the WHS has been recognized in different states and territories excepting Victoria and Western Australia. The OH&S laws were followed before this time. The model WHS was developed in order to enforce standardized regulated legislation. The documentation is based on the WHS. The organization assumed is a small scale business organization which is involved in IT consultant services for other main frame organizations.