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本篇代做assignment-菜单的评估讲了菜单被认为是任何餐厅的销售工具。它影响客人忠诚度和品牌的市场价值(Kimberly, 2016)。本文选择的餐饮网点为Brae Restaurant。餐厅位于维多利亚市中心,为用餐者提供众多设施。看看这家店的菜单,有两类,一类是餐饮菜单,另一类是葡萄酒(Brae, 2017)。目前的菜单概念是将必要的信息简明扼要地呈现给顾客,而且是透明的。费用、配料和设施都提供得很清楚,它们显示了公司对顾客心理的重视。本篇代做assignment文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Menu is regarded as a selling tool for any restaurant. It influences the guest loyalty and the market value for the brand (Kimberly, 2016). The food and beverage outlet selected for this paper is Brae Restaurant. The restaurant is located in the centre of Victoria and provides numerous facilities for the diners. Looking the menu of this outlet, there are two categories – one is the dining menu and the other is wine (Brae, 2017). The present menu concept is to present necessary information in a nutshell to its customers and it is transparent. The charges, ingredients and the amenities are clearly offered and they demonstrate the awareness of firm on psychology of its customers.

Menu evaluation

The wine list is crisp and there is a commitment given by the restaurant to its customers. For instance, it mentions that the wines are sourced directly from wine growers and the firm is particular about distinction and quality. Hence, the choices are very specific. The dining menu has a management commitment and gives a clear understanding about the price (Ozdemir and Caliskan, 2014). The menu presents numerous organic vegetables and fruits that are used to prepare varied dishes. Having mentioned that they are organic, they have higher nutritional value when compared to that sourced by other outlets in the market. This menu is rather insufficient due to lack of presence of dishes prepared (Panitz, 2002). Brae Restaurant is widely reached by the customers (especially tourists) because of the location and the amenities offered.