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本篇代做assignment-特朗普总统的税收政策讲了唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)的突然胜利不仅让那些预测美国大选的人感到意外,也让加拿大经济学家再次重新计算他们的经济猜测。尤其是特朗普和他的政府为改善美国经济而制定的税收计划,正困扰着加拿大的经济学家。他们必须重新调整自己的税收制度,以保持竞争力的企业蓬勃发展在加拿大,否则他们将不得不输掉比赛(Bedard, 2016)。本篇代做assignment文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The Sudden victory of Donald Trump not only surprised those who were predicting America’s election, but also made the Canadian economists again recalculate their economic speculations. Especially the tax plans made by Trump and his government for the economic betterment of America are bothering the economists in Canada. They have to readjust their own taxing system in order to remain competitive for the businesses to flourish in Canada or else they will have to lose the game (Bedard, 2016). In the following lines the understanding of what may happen to Canada’s economy in the future due to the different economic policies adopted by Trump and his government has been depicted.

President Trump’s tax decision has shaken Canadian economic plans

The president election of America this year and the unpredicted victory of Donald Trump, who became the president of America has shaken the neighbouring country Canada badly. Trump’s win has shaken all the stock markets and altered the global political scenario. It has been predicted by the economists that Mr. Trump’s win will badly shake and impact Canada in several ways (Mardel, 2016).

Trump has promised to pull down the “International Climate Agreements” and said that he will tear up the green-house gas policies set by Barack Obama. He also said that he will destroy the “Environmental Protection Agency” of the US. Presently Canada is having a number of environmental projects with the US which are half done at the moment. The market watchers are sceptic whether the new carbon policies of Ottawa will be at all feasible or not economically. This will make Canada’s position more difficult to pass the Carbon Tax (Bedard, 2016).

It was not known before that the tax plans of Donald Trump will make the US more attractive than Canada that has been highlighted in the present article. Since the corporate tax will be as low as 15 % from the present 35 %. This will surely attract many businessmen of America to set their business again to the US who had put up their setups in the past outside due to the issues related to tax. The corporate tax set up by the federal government of Canada presently is set at 15 %. It was not known before that lower amount of corporate tax resulted in higher amount of revenue for the US government (Bedard, 2016).

It has been predicted by the economists that the lowering of corporate tax will hugely benefit the government lead by Mr. Trump and his people (Mardel, 2016). In Canada in addition to the federal corporate tax, every Canadian province imposes corporate tax separately. The rate of which ranges from 11% in the British Columbia to as high as 16 % in the Prince Edward Island province and Nova Scotia province of Canada; whereas in most of the other provinces the tax floats around 12 %. In Texas, Washington, Ohio and Nevada there are no corporate tax as it is prevalent in other states. In Alaska it is around 9.4% and in North Carolina it is 4 % and it is 12 % in Washington and Iowa.