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essay代写-Expectations of potential investors。潜在投资者对创业者有很多期望,但他们对创业者有五个基本的期望。具体如下(Leonsis, 2015):

1. 他们需要知道,他们真正了解自己在投资什么,以及投资新企业的主要原因是什么。他们希望对投资的理由和理由的有效性有一个清晰的理解。

2. 他们希望创业者对自己构想的产品或服务有清晰、有说服力和强有力的信息。这表明企业家的准备工作,以及他们在申请资金之前愿意研究企业和市场。


4. 他们希望创业者乐于学习,不骄傲地声称自己什么都懂,不欣赏别人的建议。这表明企业家乐于学习、纠正和接受他人的建议,并将其付诸实践,如果这些建议对公司有益的话。

5. 投资者希望创业者在内容、理论和应用上几乎相同的情况下,将自己的想法与他人区分开来。这将要求企业家识别自己的优势和竞争对手的弱点,等等。这些是潜在投资者的一些预期。这些期望必须在没有问题和准备的情况下得到满足,因为这是人们对企业家的最低期望,因为竞争迫使每个人都与众不同,然后维持已确定的差异化因素,并建立在相同的基础上。一些投资者还会询问,在金融危机、较低的资本支出和严格的销售要求、在高通胀的艰难市场中竞争的能力等特定情景下,客户使用他们的产品并执行业务的具体例子是什么(Cummings, 2013)。这些场景是给企业家的,然后他们回答这些问题,投资者评估企业家或他们的团队处理这些情况的创新能力。

essay代写-Expectations of potential investors。Potential investors expect a lot of things from the entrepreneur but there are five essential things that they expect from the entrepreneur. They are as follows (Leonsis, 2015):
1. They need to know that they truly understand what they are investing into and what the primary reason is for investing in the new venture. They expect a clear understanding of the reasons for investing and the validity of that reason.
2. They expect that the entrepreneur has clear, compelling, and strong information about the product or service that is conceptualized by the entrepreneur. This indicates the preparation of the entrepreneur and their willingness to study the business and the market before asking for funding.
3. The investors also expect that the entrepreneurs understand the scale and potential of the business that is proposed. This makes the investors make a clear decision about the potential of their investment and the probability of them getting their desired returns along with the progress of the company.
4. They expect that the entrepreneur is open to learning more and is not arrogant in claiming to know everything and not appreciating suggestions and advices. This shows that the entrepreneur is open to learn, correct and accept other’s suggestions and put them into practice if they seem to benefit the company.
5. The investors expect the entrepreneurs to differentiate their ideas from others when it is almost similar in content, theory, and application. This would require the entrepreneur’s to identify their strengths and the competitors’ weaknesses, etc. These are some expectations from the potential investors. These expectations must be met without questions and preparation because these are the least one can expect from the entrepreneur as competition enforces everyone to differentiate and then sustain that differentiating factor identified and build on the same. Some investors also ask about giving specific examples of customers using their products and performing the business in particular scenarios like financial crisis, lower capital expense and rigid sales requirements, ability to compete in difficult markets with high inflation, etc. (Cummings, 2013). These are scenarios which are given to the entrepreneurs who then answer such questions and the investors gauge the creative ability of the entrepreneur or a group of them to tackle such situations.

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