Assignment First

本篇essay 代寫-高級定製時裝設計讲了高級定製時裝設計需要複雜的技巧和工藝。這一細節使該公司從競爭對手中脫穎而出。它以無縫縫合和靈巧的工藝而聞名。範思哲以其充滿活力的色調、線性的形狀、希臘主題、巴洛克風格、建築符號、奢華的配飾和複雜的刺繡而聞名於世。本篇essay 代寫由美國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。


To make sure that the products produce by Versace are authentic, they have adopted Certilogo. It is one of the most world’s leading brand authentication systems currently developed in the world. Each Versace item that is purchase carries the 12-digit Certilogo Code or CLG Code to ensure authenticity of the product. The hang-tag or on the authenticity card (watches) are used for this purpose of ensuring authenticity of the brand. Authencity in fashion label entails giving consumers’ meaningful experience from procuring the brand (Corbellini, and Saviolo, 2014). For high fashion labels, it is imperative to main authenticity of design. The design should cater to the requirements of the customers (Ball, 2010). In the Versace brand, there is a combination of mixing different materials even bondage, with scandalous dresses, which was completed with leather. These were the authentic designs that were prominently showcased along with the brand. The brand has created and pioneered a number of ventures where they were bold and ensured that they become iconic fashion statement (Ball, 2010).

Apart from this, code authentic Versace is easily discernable. It is made only in Italy. Materials used are smooth and luxurious (Ball, 2010). There is seamless intricate embroidery and it can be easily deciphered. The packaging of the products from Versace is also very unique. Authentic Versace costs a lot more than fake products in the city.


For couture designs, there is a need for intricate skill and workmanship. This detailing enables the company to stand apart from its competitors. It is known for seamless stitching and dexterous craftsmanship. Versace was known for novel designs with vivacious hues, linear shapes, Greek motif, baroque style, estrucian symbols lavish appurtenances and complicated embroidery that is found in the final products (HANSEN-HANSEN, 2012).

There is elucidation of extensive intricate work that is done for each of the designs that showcase skill and dexterity of the brand. There is symbolization of grandeur that is the special skills that can be visibly seen in the designs.