Assignment First


As per the data analysis made, the narrative information of the data in the workplace is gathered which is showing the Phatic Communion. The social function Phatic Communion is identified by showing the illustrations of the work which is made by showing the stances on the audiences. The narrative data is made by showing the illustrations of the work and also the explanations are provided by showing the elicited responses that are made to illustrate the barriers reflected through the communication processes. The phatic process also illustrates the narrative talks which show the explanation of the data and the analysis as shown for the purpose of explaining the barriers and the negative effects in the IT industry. For example: who we are, who others think we are and who we think others are represented as the usages of the evaluations which are made by showing the linguistic actions.
Description of the community/social group/workplace
The critical thinking is represented to be reflecting the structures the organization on which it depends on. It simply reflects the characteristics that include the formation of the inefficiencies and the multicultural problems. These are removed by the help of implementing the appropriate standards which illustrates the company is making the appropriate tool for the achievement of the success and the improvement of the performance. Hence, the barriers are illustrated to be removed with motivation and the commitment to implementing the various language programs. The conduct of the program will ensure a beneficial position for explaining the structure of the organization, and the improvement of the career and the personal development can be seen (Bretag 2008). The training and on-boarding processes must be initialized by the people that focus on the appropriate implementation of the procedures including the appropriate process. It should not be undertaken in the discriminatory form since the translation of the languages training procedures must be provided. The proficiency and the training of the language must be delivered in the form of the challenges which are faced by the employees. Thus, the fruitful outcomes can be easily gained by explaining the enhancement of the work and the expansion of the barriers can be easily mitigated.
There can be a language barrier between the people with diverse ethnic backgrounds, different experiences in different industry levels and different ages (Graham 2009). The problems caused by the language barrier between managers and employee are a major concern for many companies. The individuals who search job in the IT industry face difficulties such as communication gap, lack of understanding the things and interacting with the interviewer. Languages explain what an individual want to express in front of others and act as a barrier for them. An individual feels more comfortable when he or she expresses view and thinking in his or her own language. The individuals feel uncomfortable in many circumstances, and it became a major issue for them. The style of the communication is focused as the main issue in the IT industry. It is can be illustrated by showing the analysis of the Linguistic data collected by including various groups. The variations in the practices are depicted to be manifolding the appropriate enhancement of the various points of views which are constructed by the IT industry. The cultural orientations in this field are showing the appropriate enhancement of the work structure and also the ability can be easily measured by showing the clash.