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本篇费城论文代写-职业健康与安全讲了职业健康与安全(OHS)又称工作健康与安全(WHS),是一种多学科研究方法,主要关注工作人员的健康、安全和福利。企业主有责任维护工人在工作场所的安全。OHS一直致力于制定一项国家政策,在澳大利亚各地制定工作、安全和补偿政策。本篇费城论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) known as Work Health and Safety (WHS) is a multidisciplinary approach, which focuses on the health, safety and the welfare of the people at work. Business owners are responsible for maintaining the safety of their workers in the workplace. OHS has focused on developing a national policy on developing work and safety and compensation policies all across Australia.

Even the small and medium cafes like Philoçoffee Espresso Bar at South Melbourne, development of OHS policies are essential. Philoçoffee Espresso Bar is a café that offers breakfast, brunch and snacks. This is well-known to the tourist for the friendly staffs, soothing environment, and tasty foods. This workplace includes different safety issues as some employees work in the kitchen and has to deal with the fire. In Philoçoffee Espresso Bar at South Melbourne, many very limited actions are taken to improve the health and safety of the workers. The present report would provide an overview of OHS act along with its need in the organization and ways to develop them ( 2017).

1. Overview of consultation Structure

Philoçoffee Espresso Bar is a small-sized coffee shop with 20-25 employees working within the organization. The organizational structure is quite simple with different department having different responsibilities as illustrated below:

Figure 1: Organizational structure of Philoçoffee Espresso Bar

(Source: Learner)

In the above figure, it is evident that the organizational structure of Philoçoffee Espresso Bar is quite simple. This is because of its small. However, the organization possesses some risk, which can harm the employees. Moreover, the organization is growing and it is planning to open a new outlet in another place. According to OHS act 2004, the employer should exchange information about the risks to health and safety and the measures to be taken to eliminate or reduce the risks. OHS regulation 2017 clearly sets out a framework for the consultation and the worker representation that would help in addressing safety issues (WorkSafe Victoria, 2017). There is no consultation framework in Philoçoffee Espresso Bar, it is essential to frame one to prevent any sort of issues or problem in future.