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个人陈述-American women’s rights movement。在美利坚合众国,妇女选举权是妇女人口在全国享有的合法选举权。这项权利是在几十年的时间里建立起来的,首先是在几个地方和几个州,有时是在一段有限的时间内,然后是1920年在全国范围内。对这一合法权利的需求在1840年开始增强,当时它出现在广泛的妇女权利运动中(Kevin, 973)。

1848年,第一个妇女权利大会《塞内加秋季大会》通过了有利于妇女选举权的决议,尽管遭到了一些组织者的反对。他们认为这个想法太极端了。但是,到1850年第一次全国妇女权利大会时,选举权开始成为该运动活动的一个极为重要的方面(Aidt和Bianca, 392)。



修正案的通过是主张通过修改与个别国家有关的法律来实现其目标和目的的巨大运动的结果,这些倡导者之间的差距很大。当考虑到潜在的范围时,可能需要很长一段时间才能完全体现出对投票权改革的影响,因为可能会有一些群体被替换,以寻求投票权之外的优势(Siegel, 948)。由于这项法律,美利坚合众国社会得到了振兴,从而进一步支持了我们的政治发展、建立和繁荣。《妇女参政权第十九修正案》基本上消除了影响投票权的一些障碍。

个人陈述-American women’s rights movement。In the United States of America, women’s suffrage is the lawful right of women population for voting in the nation. The right had been established over the period of various decades, first across several localities and states, at times for a limited period of time, and then all across the nation in the year 1920. The demand for this legal right started gathering strength in the years of 1840s, when it emerged from the wide movement for rights of women (Kevin, 973).
In the year 1848, the Convention of Seneca Fall, the first convention for rights of women, passed the resolution, favorable for women’s suffrage, irrespective of the fact that it was opposed by a number of organizers. They believed that the idea had been too extreme. However, by the first National Convention for the rights of women in the year 1850, suffrage started to become an extremely significant aspect for the activities of the movement (Aidt and Bianca, 392).
This essay will focus on providing a historical background of Women’s Suffrage in the United States of America. Further ahead, referring to the 19th amendment of Women’s Suffrage, this essay will discuss how the regime is after the change introduced, and the impact of this regime on USA, referring to the key changes introduced due to this particular regime.
The 19th amendment to the Constitution of United States has been prohibiting any citizen of USA from the denial of right for voting based on gender or sex. The ratification had been done on 18th August, in the year 1920. The Constitution has been allowing the states for determination of qualifications related to the voters, under the subjectivity of limitations with the imposition of later amendments. Until the years of 1910, majority of the states ended up disenfranchising women (Kevin, 974). This amendment culminated the movement of Women’s Suffrage across the United States of America, which fought at both level, national and state for the achievement of vote.
There had been adoption of the amendment as a result of a huge campaign held by the advocates with large disparity for the attainability of their goals and objectives by the modification of laws related to individual state. When considering the scope of potentiality, it may take up a long period of time before the entire impact for the reform of voting had been manifested, as a number of cohorts may be under replacement to seek advantages out of the right of voting (Siegel, 948). As a result of this law, the society of United States of America had been revitalized that further supported the political development, establishment and prosperity of US. The 19th amendment of Women’s Suffrage has basically eliminated a number of barriers affecting the rights for placing votes.

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