Assignment First



Learning is a major ingredient for the culture of the company of IDEO. Employees at each and every level consider systematic encouragement for considering upgrading their skills and knowledge. The company is responsible for the determination of priorities related to development and training. The responsibility to convert priorities into actions is shared across human resources, line managers and the employees. On- the- job training and experience can be considered as the key source of facilitating learning. Managers hold the key responsibility to guide and coach employees for succeeding within the present positions. The employees of IDEO have an understanding about the significance of improving continuously and sharing ideas and knowledge as free as possible with the others. Practices like cross functional teams, extension of responsibilities, and lateral professional development have been encouraged for acquiring extra skills, enriching content of job and widening accountability. Also, IDEO has been offering a number of methodologies and activities for supporting the growth and learning of everyone. Employees tend to be receiving feedback on their career aspirations and performance regularly by a number of processes and tools like the process of performance evaluation, the guide of progress and development, and assessment of 360 degree framework. Each and every manager is known for spending sufficient time to monitor the regular coaching and objectives of the employees all across the year.



At the company of IDEO, a culture of high performance has been set under the support of differentiated development and rewards that can be considered as the key of delivering business objectives and individuals. The key factor driving this is the alignment of challenging and clear responsibilities, while it is ensured that there is awareness among employees regarding how their contribution affects IDEO. The employees and line managers have been working collaboratively for ensuring there is setting up of challenging objectives and involves effective evaluation all across the year. This has been further useful for managers in acknowledging reward deserving and high performing employees accordingly, and the proper management of low performance is ensured with integrity. Each and every employee, under the support of line manager, holds the key responsibility for his or her professional development. Under this procedure, there is encouragement of employee for expressing expectation and objective of career within an open dialogue. IDEO focuses on the retention and motivation of employees by the offer of attractive yet realistic moves of career allowing the development of skills in the longer run. Management of human resource is known to be supporting the implementation of necessary partners and tools with the line managers for preparing the resources required for continuously developing the company and the people of the company.