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本篇华盛顿论文代写-Sports Direct的营销策略讲了Sports Direct采用多渠道策略来维持销售,树立品牌形象。它使用搜索引擎优化,广告,电子邮件营销,优化其网站提供必要的细节,内容营销和社交媒体营销。它在广告方面(搜索和显示广告技术)进行了积极的工作,以显示在线和离线的存在。作为最大和最受欢迎的时尚和体育零售商,它决定与客户和股东紧密联系,以最大化他们的满意度和利润。本篇华盛顿论文代写文章由美国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Sports Direct is world’s largest sports and fashion retailer owning the largest portfolio of the sports and lifestyle brands. The product choice is enormous and such products are available at affordable prices with exceptional quality (Sports Direct, 2017). The online platform supports multi currency and multi language and the growth of the firm is so rapid that the investors have shown extreme interests towards profitability and share purchases. It works on the strategy of identify, invest, develop and promote. Being a recognized sports and lifestyle retailer with customer located internationally, it attempts to maximize the growth for shareholder on a long term basis. One year ago, Sports Direct has become a topic of controversy due to poor employment standards and exploitative work practices followed within the workplace. This has affected brand image because of negative press and the reputation has gone to extreme low in the last few months.

Digital marketing strategies used by Sports Direct

Sports Direct employs multichannel strategies to sustain the sales and develop the lost brand image. It uses SEO, advertising, email marketing, optimization of its website to furnish necessary details, content marketing and social media marketing. It has aggressively worked on the advertising aspect (search and display advertising techniques) to exhibit the presence both online and offline. Being the largest and most sought out fashion and sports retailer, it has decided to closely associate with the customers and shareholders to maximize their satisfaction and profits (Rigby, 2017).

Analysis of website and media platforms

It is observed that Sports Direct possesses a single web platform that includes access to websites as well as ecommerce locations. The e-commerce division takes the initiative to restyle and develop online presence through newgen techniques. From the website, access to ecommerce app is seen and it is available on IOS and Android platforms.

The digital marketing strategy is tailored to adopt to the local market. The primary market is US and the firm takes the effort to develop online sales in that country and slowly establish in other secondary countries (Rigby, 2017). Further, it has established other stores and digital presence in few more locations where reputation underwent a problem in the middle.